The End of Michelle Tanner

I think my first girl crush was on Michelle Tanner. Is that weird? Since she was my age when Full House was on, she was automatically my favorite (but when I went to college and my roomie and I would come home from class to lounge around watching reruns, I realized DJ was the one who had it all together – including that hottie Steve). I was so jealous of Michelle’s bouncy blonde pigtails and witty one-liners.

Full House went off the air in ’95, but the Olsen twins were just getting started. I was minorly obsessed with them: I remember taping one of their movies, It Takes Two, off of TV one time, and I watched their follow-up show on ABC Family (though it was probably still Fox Family at the time).

But I wasn’t a slave to the Olsen empire like so many young girls. The more I watched them, the more I realized something: their acting wasn’t very good. In fact, it was awful. For literally growing up on a television set and acting their whole lives, you’d think it would have come a little more naturally for the twins. I always favored Mary-Kate, the tomboy of the pair, so I would mentally defend her while watching the two, but it was clear that neither of them were going to go on to win an academy award.

By the time they started veering into fashion, I had already lost interest. But you couldn’t pick up a magazine without seeing a picture of their latest endeavor, and every time I saw them I couldn’t believe these girls were my age. With their oversized outfits and grungy hair and make-up routines, they looked like full-on adults. I found it hard to believe they were still relevant, seeing as their acting careers had all but fizzled, but reading about their fashion lines cemented what I already knew: I’m not into fashion. If their shabby style was getting the attention, no wonder I’m no longer under the Olsen spell.

With their recent announcement that they’re done with acting, I was mildly surprised; did they really need to announce something so obvious? They haven’t done anything in years (although I was digging Mary-Kate’s cameo in Weeds a few seasons back, so I guess they’re still somewhat involved in the industry).

I find it very refreshing that these ladies are stepping back from something they’re clearly no good at longer interested in. It’ll give them more time to focus on what they really love: fashion (I’m not into their whole hobo-chic vibe, but their clothing lines are another success for the pair). The only downside about the Olsen twins ending their acting careers is that it pretty much puts the kibosh on any kind of Full House reunion that I was secretly holding out hope for. I know I’m not the only one saddened by this - Dave Coulier must be devastated.