Beers, Bands, and Basketball

Matthew Weiner knows exactly what he’s doing. Delaying the start of the latest Mad Men season has spurred more frenzy for the show than ever. B and I have been waiting for this since August. So when we found out the premiere date, we did what any other normal fans would do: circle it on the calendar and throw an all-out 60’s-themed party complete with gender oppression and Lucky Strike cigarettes, you assume? Close: we forgot the premiere date and made other plans.

We got Celtics tickets for March 25th, a Sunday game that coincided nicely with the fifth season premiere. We were trying to come up with a non-creepy Craigslist ad that would convince some stranger to let us watch Mad Men on their DVR (not possible, btw), until B actually looked at the tickets and saw that the game started at 6pm. Mad Men wasn’t starting until 9pm, which gave us plenty of time to get from the Garden back to his house.

A few days before the game, B tells me that Said the Whale will be in Boston. Said the Whale is this Canadian band that B introduced me to. I only know two of their songs, but one of them happens to be our song.

B: Brig! Guess who’s coming to Boston?

Me: umm….LMFAO?! (I break out into Party Rock Anthem and start shuffling around my desk)

B: Close...Said the Whale!

Me: No way! When?

(B pauses, and I know exactly what’s coming next)

Me: Shut the fuck up. It’s Sunday, isn’t it?

B: It is. But listen to this: they’re playing at a bar…in the North End!

Me: Good for them. They can get some Pizzeria Regina’s while they’re in town.

B: Brig, the North End! Like, right near the Garden!

Me: Ohhhhhh! (back to some celebratory shuffling)

B and I prepare for this fun-filled day with a hearty breakfast, consisting of vodka shots and Bud Light Limes.

Sunday Funday is in full effect

We show up at the bar while one of the bands is setting up. They introduce themselves as some band we’ve never heard up, so we camp out at the bar and order more shots. We’re enjoying the drinks and the scene when B points out some guy as the lead singer of Said the Whale. I get overly excited, like I do when I’m in the presence of celebrities or free food. Said the Whale goes on after a short set from the first band. They have a CD coming out and this tour is clearly about promoting their new music. I’m not hearing it. “The Light is You!” I shout in between every song. I ask B what album “The Light is You” is on, and he says he’s pretty sure it’s their first one. Huh. Chances aren’t looking good.

But then…we hear it! The opening chords of our song! We run up to be closer to the band; or rather, I stumble off my bar stool and start dancing in front of the crowd and B follows me to make sure I don’t rush the stage. After their set, we see the lead singer again and tell him how great they were. I think I said something ridiculous along the lines of B being their first Twitter follower. He didn’t seem at all fazed and even took a picture with us!

Ben was so cool!

After Said the Whale, we head to another bar for a quieter scene and to get some food. We devour some nachos and I convince B that we have to go to one of the famous bakeries since we’re in the North End and clearly I have no self-control for my Lenten sacrifices (at least it was Sunday, right? I know, I suck at life). We’re leaving the bakery and headed to the Garden when who do we see: Said the Whale! They’re leaving Boston later and wanted to get some sight-seeing in. I recommend some of my favorite eateries and they’re on their way.

The day got even better, b/c the Celtics won! The game was a lot of fun, and a nice, quiet environment to avoid the dull headache that comes after a day of drinking.

 our VIP seats

We were even home in time for the start of Mad Men. It was kind of an odd one, but maybe I just have to get back into the 60’s mentality. And I can get on board with any episode that doesn’t feature January Jones Betty.