Kindly Get the F*@k Out of My Way

After a fab weekend in Chicago seeing family and friends (and eating WAY too many bagels), it’s back to reality. I have so many fun pictures and stories from the weekend that I want to detail, but this needed immediate attention (and I’m lazy and haven’t uploaded any pics yet).

After unpacking and getting acclimated at the apartment after a long weekend away, I went to pick up B so we could get some lunch and fill each other in on the weekend. Somewhere along the way of telling him all about the fun we had, I had to rant about this incredibly degenerate rude family we encountered when checking out of the hotel.

We stayed in a hotel downtown on Friday night (Mo’s actual birthday). When we were checking out on Saturday, we took a cab home, since there were five of us and a shitload of luggage. The taxi/drop-off/pick-up area was a two-lane carport on the ground level of the hotel. So if a car was pulling in to drop off some luggage, they would pull over, leaving a lane for taxis or people driving off. The five of us smushed into a taxi, in the outer lane, and were ready to take-off, but there was a car in front of us that was seemingly dropping someone off. The car looked crowded, with at least one kid jumping around in the backseat, and two or three adults besides the driver. We were chatting about the night before, not really thinking anything of it, until we had been sitting there awhile w/out moving. The taxi driver gave a small honk and a woman and child got out of the car and headed into the hotel, but the car was still blocking us (and the line of cars that was forming behind us). At this point, we were getting irritated b/c the meter in our cab was running and we had been sitting there for a good five minutes at least. The cab driver started laying on the horn, and one of the valets from the hotel went over to say something to the driver. One of the car doors had been open this whole time, and finally a woman got out of the car and saunters inside; only after this did the car start inching forward, where they still proceeded to hold everyone up b/c they didn’t know which way they were going (even though the only turn you could make was a left onto a one-way street).

I was getting annoyed again just telling this story to B. He was humoring me and nodding in all the right places, but I could tell he really didn’t think it was anything to get upset about. He’s one of the most easy-going people I know and mentioned how he doesn’t like to get worked up over situations that he can’t change. I, on the other hand, may not be able to change the situation, but I sure will express my irritation with some eye-rolls, obvious glares, and snarky comments (Tucker Max is my absolute HERO in this story; see timestamp 8:58pm).

I know this is not good for my blood-pressure. I know that I need to work on my patience. But how do you stay calm when encountering such blatant disregard for others? I was raised to be courteous and considerate when in public, which is clearly not the norm anymore (if you think it is, you clearly haven’t ever driven in Boston). The thing that pisses me off the most is that there was a child w/ this family. She’s going to grow up doing whatever the fuck she wants, unaware that her actions (or lack of actions) affect others.

If you want to be an inconsiderate asshole, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t be one in public. Please and thank you.