Chicago Bound!

In a few short hours, I’ll be on a flight to Chicago. Five hours, precisely, but who’s counting? (Oh that’s right - I am! I’ve been counting down forever and am finally at the point where it’s just hours instead of weeks and days). My sister Maureen lives in Chicago and we’re all flocking to the windy city to celebrate her 30th birthday. Hurrah!

I’ve mentioned my sisters here and there, but I don’t know if I’ve expressed how close we are. They are not only my sisters, and not only my best friends, and I’m not going to insert other clichés here b/c they don’t capture the bond that the four of us have. The reason I initially liked the Kardashians was b/c the three oldest girls remind me of my sisters and I; absolutely no privacy, limits and secrets when we’re together, just genuine laughs and love (but w/out the faux drama and std’s).

In chronological order:

Sarah – the runner who lives in Philly, who I’m training for Broad Street w/

Beth – the crunchy one who lives w/ me!

Maureen - the worrier one who lives in Chicago who danced on stage w/ me in Nawlins

I don’t know how thrilled they’ll be w/ me using their names and (eventually) pictures, but I think they’ll humor me. They’ve got a lifetime of that, me being the baby and all. They are way too good to me (b/c I can be a serious brat. Hey, it comes w/ the territory of being the youngest).

The tradition of getting together for each other’s birthday actually started w/ my birthday a few years ago. After college, I moved to Boston where I knew absolutely no one. Beth looked at her travel schedule for work and realized she would be in Chicago right around my birthday. It didn’t take long to convince Sarah to come when she heard the three of us were going to be there. Voila! My 22nd birthday went from zero to hero (that doesn’t quite work here, but I like how it sounds regardless).

We haven’t gotten together for every birthday, every year (sadly none of us own a private jet), but we do what we can. I am so fantastically insanely absolutely excited about tonight that I know the next few hours are going to be painfully slow. They are the only thing keeping me from a weekend of dancing, drinking, and eating my way through Chicago – and seeing my sisters!!!

the last time we saw each other, at Christmas

hanging w/ snoopy at Dorney Park on vacation last summer

holding up the Bean in Chi-Town! (of course this pic wasn't formatting like I wanted...)


Anonymous said…
Omg, some people look super tc in these outfits. You forgot to add how we need to creat itens months ahead of time, how we need mfs to figure out what we are wearing, and how we are not staying true to our roots bc we have shifted away from eating cheese at these reunions. Hurrah!
Michele said…
Love love love! (and a bit sad that I'm only a quasi-sister!) :)

Have a great time. Cant wait to hear about all the fun!