Gym Bag Blues

I wouldn’t describe myself as picky. There’s literally only one type of food I don’t like: seafood. I enjoy pretty much all genres of movies and music. And I’m not particular about my men (ba-zing! although I don’t know who that was supposed to be a dig at - B or me…)

So why can’t I find a damn gym bag? I’m not asking for much here. Just a durable bag that will hold up on my daily commute. With a cute color scheme. And wide straps that I won’t need to keep pushing up. And a wide shoulder strap for when my shoulder is tired. Minus the whole duffel design that most gym bags are, b/c those are really obvious and I don’t need the judgment when I’m face first in a bag of Raisinets after a sweaty gym sesh (they’re dark chocolate, okay?)

I really thought I found the one w/ this baby.

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 Puma is super cute and I know their shit is sturdy. It was sold out at a few online vendors I found so I never got around to ordering it. When B and I went to Mohegan Sun a few weeks ago, I couldn’t believe my good luck when I saw a Puma shop in their store directory. We went to check out the bag and as soon as I saw it in person, I knew it was WAY too big. My gym has towels and toiletries, so I save space that way. And I leave my sneakers at my desk so I don’t have to cart ‘em around all day.

I get that I’m in the minority. I don’t need loads of space to hold my running sneaks AND my yoga mat AND a beach towel AND my hair dryer AND an auxiliary outfit in case the cute trainer is teaching class today (sike, I’ve never done that…). So what’s the deal? Are cute, medium-sized gym bags for women not a priority? Because I’m sure as hell not paying $40 for a glorified canvas bag w/ the Nike swoosh in the corner.

I was feeling pretty good about this one.

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Cute, right? The stock photo is ideal, but the picture they included of someone actually using it looks like an entirely different bag. A cheap one at that. I’m torn between sticking it out w/ my current bag and shelling out $80 bucks for this beauty.

I wish there was a bag that could repel any junk food I put in it. That would be worth every cent. 


Michele said…
Just my two cents... I'd go with the puma.... Trust me- you'll find shit to fill it with.
Stephy Marie said…
I personally LOVE everything from Under Armour. Well, I haven't bought a gym bag (never actually) but I've never had a complaint on any of my work out clothes or shoes that I've gotten from there. Love!
brigidmc12 said…
@Michele: I know I will, lol...but I don't want to be tempted and have to lug around an even heavier bag!

@Stephy: Under Armour is a really good brand! I think I'm going to get this bag and I can always return it if I don't like how it looks. We'll see!