Busted at the Bus Stop

While I don’t enjoy waiting for the bus AT ALL, it does provide me with some first-rate people watching (and I’d rather be on a bus -where at least I can read my book- instead of driving in crazy morning traffic and have high blood pressure). The bus stop is right next to a Dunkin Donuts (like everything else in this city), so there’s a steady flow of people to provide entertainment while I wait.

A van pulls in front of the Dunkin this morning and a woman gets out and goes inside. Instead of backing up into one of the designated street parking spots, the van pulls up in front of the bus stop, which also happens to be in front of a fire hydrant. Across the street, a police car door opens and the officer comes out. “This is going to be good!” I think, ready for an early-morning brawl to start my day. Instead, the officer walks lazily over, sees the driver sitting in the car with the engine running, and walks away. Like a little bitch. Well, that was anti-climactic.

My bus is almost at the corner now, but the light is red and it’s stuck behind a row of cars. While I’m waiting for the bus to inch up, a man comes out of Dunkin to his car, which is parked in one of the designated street spots. He sees an orange ticket on his windshield, which the cop must have written just before wimping out on the guy in the van. The disgruntled Dunkin customer doesn’t even look at the ticket and throws it on the ground. As impressed as I am with his cavalier attitude, I don’t appreciate him littering my streets. Good thing it’s street cleaning day. That ticket will be swooshed up by the service that caused his ticket in the first place. Oh, the irony.


Yeewuz said…
A cop sitting outside of a doughnut shop? Shocker!