The Truth Behind These Blog Posts

For the past week or so I’ve been able to sleep in, binge watch Netflix, and had the pleasure of being able to go to the supermarket in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week; it's been the real life of luxury around here. 

A few years ago I made a career change to do something I was actually passionate about and have been living the dream ever since. Living the dream = baking brownies, spinning ice cream and eating all the scraps in between. Okay, it’s not all sugar and spice, but for the most part, I really do love my job. Still, though, I was never one of those people who was like, really in love w/ their job. Like, if I won the lottery, would still show up to work, love my job. Nope, sorry, if I had the winning ticket, it would be sayonara, suckers, I’m off to catch up on all the television I’ve been missing see the world. 

At least, that’s what I thought until the past week or so. I gave my notice at my old job a few weeks back, and my last day was last Friday. I thought I’d be starting my new job the following Tuesday, but a few unforeseen obstacles later and I’m not starting until the following week. So what’s a girl to do? Catch up on sleep and Orange is the New Black, obviously, but that still lives a lot of time to fill. 

If you glanced over at my sidebar of backdated blog posts, you’d see October has been the most blogged month I’ve had all year. So obviously, I’m throwing the towel in on my “career” and turning to blogging full time! 

My blogging is up, the fridge is stocked, and the house has never been more organized. But…but…but…if I’m being totally honest here, the time off wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. For starters, I only got caught up on one show. I started the vacation lazily enough, lounging around on the couch watching SVU episodes I’ve seen a million times, convinced I’d have time to binge watch Netflix later. Then Brent had some laundry he wanted done, which I could understandably do w/ all the free time. And I had some errands, like the supermarket and library and outlets - which if you’ve ever been able to experience on a quiet Tuesday afternoon when all the kids are back in school and all the adults are at their real jobs, you are truly blessed. 

But then Brent needed a load of whites and darks washed. And Binx needed to go to the vet. And I needed to recipe test a bunch of new fall desserts. Suddenly I was paralyzed by the open-ended days b/c I knew they had an expiration date. I couldn’t possibly get all the laundry washed, folded and put away, so why do any of it? I wouldn’t be able to watch all the TV I wanted, so why not just watch reruns of Love it or List it. 

And forget about trolling Facebook. All the “grrr, Monday” and “Happy Hump Day!” and “hello weekend!” posts were extra obnoxious now that they weren’t even applicable. I used to think that quote about “w/out rain you don’t appreciate the sun” was some BS made up by an Etsy shop owner trying to sell more made-up quotes in old frames to desperate girls, but now I think there might be some merit behind it. Friday was a little lackluster b/c I’d had all week to lay around; I definitely missed that rabid feeling I start to get around 2pm right before the weekend.

All in all, I’m excited to have a routine again and a reason to brush my hair. I’m not so excited to leave this little guy, though. 

He was a big help this week in keeping my sanity. And w/ my blogging; if you were wondering why my posts lately have been abundant but not necessarily well-written, let’s just say I had a little help. Ghostwriter always was Binx’s favorite ‘90’s show.   

"are you sure you want to write that?" 


Stephanie said…
My dad is like that - he can't even handle weekends. He loved working, otherwise he gets bored. Not me, I love not working. I'd have a ball staying home all day! I was in fuck it mode post bar exam and I didn't work from May 2010 to February 2011, and it was AMAZING.
Brigid said…
come to think of it, my dad is like that, too. now things make a little more sense....

don't get me wrong, I can not work w/ the best of 'em - but having a job really does make those days off even better. ugh, I'm so cliched right now! but, omg, not working for like 9 months does sound AMAZING. imagine all the Netflix!