If I'm Being Honest

….Brent and I played tennis yesterday for the first time in years -since before we bought the house, at least- and my legs are so sore right now. Every time I go up stairs my butt is like, nope. 

…I’m notoriously slow to change, especially technology, and I just updated the operating system for my iPhone this weekend. The reason? The Qdoba app, which wasn’t compatible w/ the older system. I’m hating adjusting to the new system, but I am loving all the new emojis! Cheese and a shortstack of pancakes and a champagne bottle and a fox and a gorilla and a shopping cart and an avocado and a female chef?!

…I may have spent a good chunk of time yesterday marveling over said new emojis 

…I’m embarrassed over the lack of pictures I’ve taken of our new little guys, Finn and Munch. I don’t have the adorable pics I want for their introduction post b/c if they’re being precious little lovebugs I don’t want to move them off me to get my phone and risk taking a picture and turning them into the little terrors they are the rest of the time when they’re climbing the drapes and tipping their water bowls and biting my hands and feet. 

….I knew having a cat around again would be an adjustment, but I wasn’t ready for this: sometimes I look at the two little ones and I think of Binxy and get so sad.

…the picture for this post has absolutely nothing to do w/ the content, I just like the way I look (even if it is under (over?) exposed) 

….the tan in that picture is entirely from a spray. I can’t believe there are people who still go to tanning beds. 

…I have an artificial tan in that pic, but my buzz is 100% real. Brent told me I was undoubtedly the drunkest one at the wedding. Then I mentioned his cousin who was definitely drunker than I was and he was like, right but it was her birthday, what’s your excuse? Um, what? It’s a wedding, do I need another reason?

…I’ve done absolutely no meal planning or prep for the week. We’ve always got frozen pizzas and grilled cheese fixings on hand, and in case you didn’t hear, I’m only nine visits away from my next Qdoba perk, so fingers crossed Brent will humor me.

…I just got around to getting Brent’s birthday gifts (his birthday is July 26), several of which are things we both wanted, and by both I mean me.

….as I type this post, I’m frequently getting up to make sure the cats aren’t climbing the screen door. The most recent time I swore I heard climbing so I went over yelling their names only to find no cats and a confused looking man from our lawn service sticking our receipt in the handle of the door. Whoops.


Stephanie said…
I get gifts for John for holidays that I want myself, I totally hear you. LOL that the only reason you updated your phone was for the Qdoba app, girl after my own heart!
Brigid said…
I felt a little bad about it, but it was things we both legit wanted. Win win! I'm all about that Qdoba app! We realized we can order ahead of time and skip the line which means faster burritos and queso. Gimmeeee!