Summer Snapshot

contrary to what you see, we weren't trying to get a picture of purple shirt 

Today’s one of those days that reminds you that summer doesn’t last forever. It’s partially b/c it’s a gray, drizzly day, but the limited daylight is only a reminder that summer days are numbered. It’s always sad, but I can’t mourn summer too much b/c fall is my absolute favorite. I’m not ready for infinity scarves and pumpkin spice just yet, but I won’t miss the humidity and sunburns this summer has been plaguing me with.

Brent texted me that he’s going to be on a later train, which made me groan b/c not only will it mean more time to kill between me and dinner, it’s more time I have to eat cereal and sit on the couch watching Netflix. So I’m breaking the cycle; I rinsed out my cereal bowl and I started typing this post before I even knew where I was going w/ it. Hence the opening about summer and the abrupt change of topic. 

I’ll just make it easy on myself and do a summer recap post:

-Brent’s sister is getting married this weekend and for her bachelorette a few weeks ago I made these cupcakes. See me for all your bridal and bachelorette needs! Penis cakes extra.

The wedding is Saturday, so I’m pumped to have an actual Friday/Saturday weekend, but that means I have to work Wednesday, my normal day off. I'm pulling a five consecutive day work week here; this shit is for the birds.

-I’m pretty less than impressed by my summer reads so far. They’ve been authors I’ve liked in the past, so it’s doubly annoying. Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green and My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrick Backman didn’t do it for me. Read my review/list of questions for the author of Into the Water by Paula Hawkins here.

-On Sunday we headed down to Newport for a birthday booze cruise. Except is wasn’t a booze cruise b/c it was for a 30th so it was on a sailboat and classy AF. Are we too old to call them booze cruises now? Pssssssh.

I don’t know how I’m friends w/ such chic people, b/c this was one of the most fun, sophisticated birthdays I’ve been to (can't you tell how well we vibe by the first picture in this post? we fit right in). My friend rented a sailboat for his wife’s birthday and managed to get 18-25 of her friends/family on this boat and totally surprise her; it was just as awesome as you’re imagining. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, there were Wegman’s snack platters, and the champagne was flowing freely.

-We’ve got two new roomies. Munch and Finn. More to come on that when they stop being so adorable or tearing up the house or let me good a picture of the two of them together, which just might be never.