Things I Wish I'd Done Sooner

While there are plenty of things I wish I’d started doing sooner -mostly money and fitness related- I’m not about to go down the rabbit hole of self-loathing on why I won’t be retiring at 40 w/out laugh lines and a BMI of 20. 

Early-20's Brig could be irresponsible, who spent too much time day drinking and not enough time moisturizing. 

Oh well, what's done is done. Instead of dwelling in the past, I've compiled a list of things I want to focus on doing in the future: 

Curb clutter
I've always been fairly tidy, but now I'm all about keeping the clutter out before it can even start (I would start this now, in our house in the suburbs w/ ample closet and basement and garage storage space, versus when we lived in our 800 square foot condo in the city). If this is something you're interested in doing, start w/ Steph, b/c she is the master. I find myself going through drawers and cupboards when I have a few minutes, eagerly seeing if there's anything I can toss. I keep a donation bag at the ready and get a real sense of accomplishment when I fill it w/ items we no longer need. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets a thrill from this. 

Short hair 
I've had medium-short hair before, perhaps even taking the plunge to chin-length, but I've always had the security blanket of my ponytail. When I got the itch to chop it all off last year, I went in for a consultation to an actual stylist instead of breezing into SuperCuts and letting them have their way. I think that was the smart (though pricey) path, and I haven't looked back since. When friends first saw the cut and politely said the obligatory "it's so cute!" they would usually follow up asking if I missed my old hair and would be letting it grow again. My response: Nope. 

Cut cable 
We were super late to this party, but we're coming up on a year of life sans cable. We were worried about it at first, but I can honestly say I don't miss it at all (probably b/c I mooch off my sisters' Hulu so I can still watch new SVU's and stay current w/ The Mindy Project). It's harder for Brent b/c of sports, but I think saving $100+ a month helps him get through it.

This is something I never used to care about. Certainly not in college, when it was a viable, affordable option to live abroad for a semester, and not even throughout my twenties, when I saw the pictures friends would post of the breathtaking views on their most recent trip. The travel bug bit me relatively recently, and we were lucky to take two awesome trips this year, to London and San Francisco, which got me hooked. I want to go everywhere.

See ya later, emails that used to clog up my inbox and make me tired just looking at them. I rarely used Groupon and Living Social when we lived in Boston, I'm sure not using them now that we're an hour away. It's so satisfying to scroll down on a junk email and hit that little "unsubscribe" button. Like Steph says, not all clutter is tangible. 

Apple cider vinegar
This made the rounds awhile ago as the new superfood, replacing kale and acai berries as some modern miracle we've had all along but are only now realizing the benefits of. I'm a sucker for these fads; I still have a tub of coconut oil rattling around in my pantry. But I've been drinking a tablespoon of ACV with my morning cup of water and I can't deny that I have lost a few pounds this summer. It might be all in my head, but my sugar cravings are down and my satiety after meals is up (unless I'm drunk, then all bets are off). Sure, all the claims might be bogus, but it's cheap and takes like 30 seconds of my morning, so I'll play along. 

Follow Bodega Cats of Instagram
My sister told me about this account years ago, why am I just now following?! Think of all the cuties I've missed!


Stephanie said…
Thanks for the mentions :) I am so with you, I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I get rid of clutter. I don't have any more to get rid of so I started in on my friends' houses. Helped one get rid of two car loads of stuff to Goodwill, and she drives a small SUV. It was fantastic.
Yeewuz said…
It's harder for Brent b/c of sports, but I think saving $100+ a month helps him get through it.