Little Monster Musings

Mom started callings us her little monsters. Right around the time we clawed down the drapes and tipped over the fireplace screen and got sooty paws all over her clean floors. Even though from down here the floors don’t look all that clean. 

Our latest trick is learning to tip over our water dishes. We’ve been able to spill them all so far and are very proud of this trick, although the hoomans don’t seem as impressed. 

The water dish is evil and must be toppled whenever possible. 

The red laser WILL be caught. 

In the afternoon we run a little wild. Tear through the house, jump on all the tables, climb the curtains and screens. It’s a crazy burst of energy that only happens at 4pm. And then again at 4:15. And 4:30. And every 15 minute interval for the next 24 hours.

Every closed door is an opportunity to sneak behind it and wreak havoc. 

Some of our favorite things are breakfast, dinner and treat time. We fit in well here. 

If we're not causing chaos, it's b/c we're cat napping w/ our giant kangaroo paws. 


Yeewuz said…
Guest bloggers? What a treat!