A Few Good Songs

My life post half-marathon has really taken a dangerous turn; it’s like slothful and slovenly central round these parts. I’ve logged maybe 13.1 miles total since the race. The conditions just haven’t been right, is all. I’m not slacking; Mother Nature is. What’s w/ all the rain? And wind? You know I can’t run if there’s a stiff breeze. 

If it’s important you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.” 
Brigid McCarthy (and everyone on Pinterest)

Music is pretty much the only thing that keeps me going on a run, so I figured a shiny new playlist would equal some shiny new motivation. Instead of illegally downloading ponying up the cash for some new songs I decided to troll through iTunes on my old laptop. The only problem w/ this brilliant idea is that the reason I got a new laptop is b/c my old one was pretty much dunzo. It would turn off sporadically, throw up the blue screen of death, and freeze screens like it ain’t no thang. Not to mention it weighs about 30 pounds and was a real arm workout for Brent to lug out of storage.

But holy shiz, was that headache worth it. How else would I remember that I had every compilation Taking Back Sunday released? Or that I needed three different remixes of “Breathe” by Fabolous? After being reintroduced to some of these gems, I knew I had to link up w/ Steph b/c if you turn your iPod to any one of these songs, the party is pretty much a wrap.

Gimme That - Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne 
Hate him or love him, Chris Breezy made some pretty good songs. I was obSESsed w/ this remix.

Got Money - Lil Wayne f/ T Pain
I like to pretend to have money to throw around when I hear this.

Beautiful - Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell 
If watching this video doesn't make you want to play hooky and sip on gin and juice, nothing will. 

Speaking of partying, the best part about queuing up my old laptop was finding old pictures from freshman year. You know, before every picture we took was immediately posted on Facebook. I haven't seen some of these in years.

Seeing as how I don't remember the names of three of these girls (including the girl who's leg I'm leaning on for support) maybe it's a good thing I don't remember these pictures. But I do remember going to this party after rushing from open swim, which I guess answers the question of why I threw my hair up and tried (unsuccessfully) to create a loose tendril. What it doesn't answer is why I was at open swim to begin with. Especially at the tail end of freshman year when the freshman 15 were alive and well. 

This isn't necessarily a party song, but I was feeling pretty festive after seeing it on my old iTunes. You're welcome. 

Leave - JoJo


Kristin said…
Hi!! I'm your newest follower!! Love all of these songs you just posted!! Great taste!!

Come check me out if you want!!
Super cute post, I love the songs you chose! Thanks for linking up..have a great day!
Stephanie said…
I love looking at freshman year photos, I often don't even remember who the people are but apparently I was great friends with them! What a blur...
Brigid said…
@Kristin: Thanks, I like to think my music taste is impeccable ; ) Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to check your blog out!

@Chelsee: I'm glad you liked the songs, thanks for hosting such a fun link-up!

@Steph: I know, freshman year photos are the best time warp ever.