The Cold, Hard Monday Facts

- No matter how good of a job you do sweeping and mopping your floor, the minute you step on it barefoot, crumbs will flock like the salmon of Capistrano (or in my case, the glass shards your boyfriend sent flying all over the kitchen floor when he dropped the bottle opener, which you swore you swept up all of).

- The sock Bermuda triangle is alive and well. I lost two good men today; of course one was black and the other was white, so it’s not even like the two surviving socks can pass for a reasonably matched pair. 

- Qdoba will laugh in the face of your best-laid healthy eating plans. How can I not go when there’s a FREE side of chips and guac on the line? This ain’t my first rodeo. 

- The car that’s stopped in the dead center of the lane w/out their flashers on isn’t moving anytime soon; and of course there’s a whole line of cars coming the other way and preventing you from going around. Everyone is on their best behavior in parking lots, am I right?

- Sally Draper proves once again that having Don as a father means she will be spending a good part of her adult life in therapy (yeah, yeah, this is a Sunday show, but who stays up to 11pm?)

- Speaking of Sunday shows, I thought the Game of Thrones finale was a little anticlimactic. Tell me I’m not the only one who wanted a huge dramatic reunion between Jamie and his sister (I have no idea how to spell Sersay, and this post is clearly too big and important to pause for looking up such things)

- But the coldest, hardest fact of all:


Yeewuz said…
Good try but it's actually spelled Cersei.
Michele said…
Mopping the floor is like cleaning the bathroom... it's dirty like 5 seconds later.