Lessons Learned This Weekend

1) Your first run after a half marathon is going to suck. Ass. Especially if you thought it was a good idea to wait an entire week before getting out there again. And you get out there on a disgustingly hot and humid day. PS: thanks weather channel app, for lying your face off. You told me it was 74 degrees out, but the bank signs I passed were higher by about ten degrees. 

2) If you visit the zoo on said hot and humid day, all the animals are going to play possum. AKA look dead. 

The only activity going on at the zoo this weekend was all the screaming kids, crying about how the animals wouldn’t come out and play (confession: I was one of the kids whining about how I wish the koalas would wake up from their 20 hour nap).

Except for the goat. Hunger never sleeps. I would know. 

3) Don’t be put off by a beer if it isn’t to your liking at a certain bar; just go to another bar and order it there. The keg might be dirty, the altitude might be different, you might be a little drunker and everything tastes better; who knows? All I know is, the summer shandy I sampled from Brent at the first bar we went had nothing on the summer shandy I ordered at the third bar. 

4) A bar that offers free popcorn is worth a trip. A bar that gives you double the pop and brings it right to you? Worth a night.

5) Sock buns make you look semi-put together when you haven’t washed your hair all week. I know I’m late to the party on this (like every other trend), but I foresee the sock being a staple in my summer wardrobe. Sock buns + silly photos = happiest hour. 

6) It’s always happy hour at the aquarium. Just ask this little guy.

Animals and alcohol are clearly my two vices. This one's not a lesson, seeing how I've known this my whole life. 


Anonymous said…
The little guy is prob thinking about a penguin wearing a Hawaiin shirt and that's what's making him smile.
Sarah said…
Did you go to the aquarium and the zoo in one weekend? Jelly.
Brigid said…
@Sarah: we didn't hit up the aquarium, just the seal exhibit outside; Moozie didn't raise no fool!