Rite Aid to the Rescue

Living in one of the countless cities that neighbors Boston, B and I don’t have the actual luxury of a Boston mailing address. Or a bar that isn’t a total dive w/in walking distance. The trade-offs? I We prefer dive bars and 90% of our income doesn’t go to a studio apartment; I don’t know too many of my friends in the Boston limits w/ an eat-in kitchen (these are the things I console myself w/). And of course, we’re still walking distance from no fewer than three Dunkin’s, which is pretty much required by law in New England.

Instead of having a Target or department store w/in walking distance, we frequent the next best thing: Rite Aid. Because Target is like a 10 minute drive and really, who has the time? Our Rite Aid is no ordinary pharmacy, as we learned a few months ago when we needed to do a liquor run. We went to our neighborhood liquor store, which was more disappointing than Mockingjay (not that I didn’t adore that whole series, but if you read 'em, you know what I'm talking about). We went to Rite Aid which had everything we needed at reasonable prices; to celebrate, we even splurged on an extra bottle of Moscato. 

Since Rite Aid is like a two minute walk from us, we usually venture over at least once a weekend, either to stock up for booze or snacks (it’s usually more like 2-3 times, since I usually sneak a candy run in there when Brent is having quality time w/ whatever it is he does when I’m not around). After seeing a few too many Sam Summer commercials, we chalked it up to a sign from God and marched over to Rite Aid to buy some. Conveniently next to the Sam Summer were some Bud Light Lime-A-Rita’s. Ladies, if you haven’t tried these yet, you need to leave your computer right now and head to the nearest corner store. I opted for a few tall boys since Brent won’t drink them and I didn’t want a case to the head; think of them like jello shots, best in moderation. 

After enjoying a few drinks out on our balcony, we were ready for some games; drinks and board games are a pretty common occurrence around these parts. We needed something new from the ones we’ve been playing lately, and got it into our heads that a five-hour Monopoly session was the only thing that would suffice. Not wanting to make the 2 minute long walk to Rite Aid, we called ahead to see if they had it. Then immediately ran there to ensure we wouldn’t get stuck w/ Monopoly Jr; that shit’s not even fun for kids.

Booze and board games; is there anything else a store need carry? (and everyone knows Rite Aid has two whole aisles for snacks, so that takes care of any remaining needs). 

who do you think had all those hotels? hint: it wasn't the terrier

Binx was getting Brent's strategies and then whispering them to me; still didn't stop me from going bankrupt

Rite Aid came through for me again this morning when the gnarly back pain from last summer reared it’s ugly head. Monday’s are bad enough w/out waking up to piercing, immobilizing, tear-inducing pains. Enter Rite Aid, where they filled my script and sent me on my way. 

If only I could have one of those Lime-A-Rita’s to complement the prescription; the pharmacist kindly explained to me that’s not how it works.


Yeewuz said…
Now I know how you won the second game... That darn cat!
Stephanie said…
Haha at least the cat was on your team, that's what matters. I don't have a Rite Aid but it sounds like my Walgreens is similar. It has a huge entire aisle dedicated to "as seen on tv" products. Like pajama jeans. It's my haven.
Brigid said…
Seeing that red "as seen on TV" sticker" makes me happier than a kid in a candy store. Or, in my case, an adult in Rite Aid. That's normal though, right?