Laid Up

Three-day weekends. I think I've expressed my love for them before. I'm currently in the throes of an unplanned three-day weekend. And I'd give anything to be at work right now. Confused? Let me back up.

Friday-Sunday was another fab weekend. It included basketball, an introduction to Game of Thrones, a duck tour around Boston, seeing an old friend, getting ridiculously drunk and sunburned, and some quality alone time while B went to a Red Sox game a.k.a laying on the couch all afternoon and watching the shit he can't stand. It all adds up to a pretty great weekend, I know.

The fab-ness was brought to a screeching halt this morning around 6. I was up a little before my alarm was set to go off and I could tell something was off. I've woken up w/ my share of neck/back/shoulder pain that I usually just complain about until it eventually fades away endure like a champ. 

This mornings' pain was like nothing I've ever felt. Ex-fucking-cruciating. My neck and whole right side are immobile. I'm not here to garner sympathy; more out of surprise b/c I never thought I'd see the day when I'd rather be working than laid up in bed. But being laid up in bed (like, for real laid up, not just hungover and binging on breakfast sandwiches) sucks ass. I'd rather be doing pretty much anything else. 

B's taking me to the chiropractor in a little bit. I really hope he's a miracle worker and can fix whatever the hell is going on. It'd be pretty sweet if they accepted my insurance, too. 

To be honest, I'm really surprised pleased w/ how B's been taking care of me. I woke him up as soon as I could tell that something was wrong. Which was about 40 minutes before his alarm usually goes off. And I wasn't expecting more than a few grunts and complaining about how I'd woken him up. But he was up immediately, trying to massage whatever this shit is out of me. He helped me get up and through the mini-breakdown. He didn't even flinch when I went off on a tirade about how this isn't fair b/c I'm the one who works out and stays in shape and a whole year younger than him and his old, sedentary body should be the one failing him, not the other way around.

It took me 15 minutes to put my hair into a ponytail. The most painful ponytail I've ever done, I'll tell you that. I'm inching around the house at a snail's pace, afraid to make any sudden movements. Maybe this is a lesson in patience. I've always been so huffy about slow walkers and drivers, but if they're dealing w/ shit like this, I really need to check myself. Because if anyone rolls their eyes at me when we're on the way to the chiropractor, best believe they will be getting an earful.


Tess said…
I hope you feel better, I had to stay in bed for over a week last year because of a pinched nerve in my back it was horrible!
Brigid said…
Thank you! That sounds awful = (

It's infinitely better than it was yesterday, but it's going to be slow going...which means no running for awhile = /