Blog Swappin' Time

Happy Tuesday!

I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER than I was yesterday, thanks for asking. Not at 100% yet, but the ol' neck and back are on the mend, so I'm enjoying my day so far.

Another reason I'm feeling the love: I'm doing my first blog swap today!


Read about my summer trip to Chi-town over at Katrin's blog  Tarte Aux Fraises.

Take it away, Katrin!

Hi, my name is Katrin and I blog over at Tarte Aux Fraises. I mostly blog about make-up and that sorts of things but as my friend mentioned the other day is that I am the only make-up blogger she knows that doesn't really wear make-up.

But this post is about summer vacation! I wanted to share with you the 2 week road trip my boyfriend and I took last summer. I know it was supposed to be childhood summer vacation but I didn't really like those.

Back to our road trip! We went from Austin all the way to New Orleans and back to Austin. But we didn't go the direct rout and we definitely stayed on as small roads as possible!

We wanted to see the Mississippi river and it didn't disappoint. Louisiana in whole didn't disappoint, the wilderness was fantastic. Sadly it was way way wayyyy to hot and humid to camp and I was a bit worried that if we would camp we would wake up with an alligator in our tent!

The best part of the trip was probably the fact it was our first trip together, since then we have had other successful trips, it was as well the longest distance I have ever driven a car! 

I wrote couple of other posts about the trip on my blog, you can check them out here



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