Taco Bell Can Do No Wrong

B and I are meeting his sister for dinner tonight. She doesn’t know the area extremely well, so we picked a major train station near the condo that’s close for us and hard for her to miss. There’s a bunch of eating options and B was gracious enough to let me pick. And by gracious I mean he asked his sister, who said she doesn’t care, and then B gave me two places out of the various restaurants to pick from.

No contest: Margarita’s. It’s this faux-Mexican chain they have up here. Its about as Mexican as the Olive Garden is Italian. And I love me some Olive Garden.

I’ve been looking at the menu all day, and I’m having a real hard time w/ all the options. I’m not accustomed to such fancy Mexican fare. Unless you count Taco Bell.

Mmmm, Taco Bell. I could go for a crunchwrap right about now. Maybe I can convince B to bring his sister there. That would really show her how fancy we are.