Now What Will I Watch on Tuesdays?

Was I the only dweeb cool kid who watched Love in the Wild?

Never heard of it? I thought as much.

Love in the Wild was another attempt by NBC at trashy reality TV masquerading as a competition to find love. In the wild. Hence the outrageously obvious clever name. Although NBC’s definition of “wild” seemed to have an endless supply of running water and luxury linen sheets.

There were plenty of snakes, southern accents, fake boobs and even faker personalities - ya know, the usual recipe for television gold. Don’t bother searching for it in your TV Guide. The finale was last night. You’ll have to wait until next summer for more jungle hijinks (wasn’t that a level in Donkey Kong?)

That is, if NBC renews it for another season. And Jenny McCarthy doesn’t get an offer to host ABC’s upcoming hit Lust in the Bayou. Where contestants aren’t under the impression that they have to act classy, or receive 4-star accommodations. Just straight-up sex in the swamp. Look for it this fall.

I was really rooting for Ben and Jugs Michelle. They seemed genuinely into each other. And I’m a sucker for romantic moments among malaria.

But alas, it was Ken and Janina who won.

Their prize (besides finding each other, obv) was a first-class trip around the world. Don’t really know what that entails, but it sounds pretty boss. I’m sure NBC is pulling out all the stops for the grand prize on their most watched Tuesday night cash cow.

Shouldn’t finding love be enough of a prize?

I guess not when your guy enjoys the spa day more than you do.

Have fun on your trip, Janina – and maybe keep an eye on him around the hotel pool boy.