Retail Therapy

After a hella rough week, I wasn’t up for much this weekend. Icing my back, doped up on painkillers, and catching up on True Blood seemed like a pretty bomb way to spend my Saturday and Sunday. 

However, Saturday we were supposed to see B’s parents in New Hampshire. His birthday was Thursday, which was pretty low key (no thanks to me). Dinner, gifts, staying up all hours of the night in the ER; ya know, the usual way to ring in your 27th.

On Friday night I got my prescriptions filled and took an Ibuprofen for the pain. I was feeling okay after that, alternating between icing my back and napping. I felt okay before bed, so in my stupidity wide-eyed optimism, decided to forgo the Valium before bed. Not my smartest moment. I don't think B or I got much sleep that night. 

Saturday morning I wasn’t up for much, but after reading the directions on my prescriptions, I saw that I was supposed to take both of them every 8 hours, regardless of the pain. I thought I was supposed to pop a pill at the first sign of pain, not take the pills to keep the pain at bay. My bad.

In my defense, I don’t take pain medications, like, ever. I prefer to let my body run its natural course. However, with this shit, there was no natural course. I needed to take these meds like clockwork to ensure I no longer felt like an invalid.

I put on my game face, b/c I knew Brent was excited to go to New Hampshire. And to be honest, I was, too (two words: birthday cake) . I brought my meds with me to take at the scheduled intervals, and they helped enormously. I wasn’t back to my old self or anything, but at least I wasn’t wincing in pain every time I had to sit down. And the meds clearly aren’t affecting my appetite; I managed to put away burgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, and all the trimmings. Not to mention a most generous serving of cake and ice cream; being coddled has its perks, am I right?

We had planned earlier in the week to hit up an outlet mall in New Hampshire on our way back to Boston, so B asked me if I still was up for it as we were leaving. Silly boy. Forget physical therapy; after the week I just had, I was in serious need of some retail therapy. 

The trip didn’t disappoint:

New pair of Sperry’s #obsessed 

Basic tee from AE; this color looks washed out, but it's a much brighter neon

Pair of capri’s at Puma - b/c if I can’t go running, I can at least look the part

And the best purchase of all. I’m psyched to try this on my trip to Syracuse this week.

 it's a neck pillow, in case you couldn't tell by my top-notch photog skills

Between this and the meds, I don’t know that I’ve ever been so excited to take a 5 hour bus ride #liesItellmyself


Yeewuz said…
Let's never forget the time Brig wrote "icing my pack".
Jen said…
I want a pair of Sperry's, too. Glad you're feeling a little better :)
Brigid said…
@Brent: real mature = p

@Jen: thanks! hopefully I'll be back on my running routes again soon #fingerscrossed
At least you're getting a little better! Would have been just too sad if you couldn't eat cake and ice cream ;)
Brigid said…
I know, it would have to be a pretty dire situation to keep me away from birthday cake!
xo kelsey said…
I've never really used pain medications either! I was prescribed some when I got my tonsils taken out 4 years ago, but my mom decided I didn't need them. WTF? She learned her lesson though because I got majorly dehydrated & she had to start an IV to get some fluids in me. I told her I would've been drinking more if it didn't hurt so bad. Dumb paramedic.
Brigid said…
Oh man, when I first read your comment I thought you said your toenails taken out and I was like, guuuuurl, wtf?!

Tonsils make much more sense, haha! And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's wary of modern medicine.
Anonymous said…
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