It's All In Your Head

Tuesdays are worse than Mondays, in my humble opinion. Mondays take the fall, but I think it’s all mental. You psych yourself out for a hellish day, and then are pleasantly surprised when you catch your train on time. Or your boss calls in sick. Or the scale is only up two pounds, when you thought it would be up at least five from all the beer and pizza you consumed over the weekend.

Tuesdays are the real bitch. You can blame your low productivity and refusal to smile on “a case of the Mondays,” but there’s no such ailment for the second day of the work week. I need to work on NOT waking up Tuesday morning hating life; I’m basically setting myself up for a bad day, like some sort of miserable, self-fulfilling prophecy.

So today I woke up resolving not to let Tuesday piss me off simply b/c it’s Tuesday. It’s not easy. We have a long standing feud, this terrible day and me.

I’ve found that sometimes dressing the part helps. So instead of my usual workday get-up, I put on a fancy dress. Partly to play the part, but mostly because it was supposed to be hot as shit, and I didn’t want to be sweating and going back on my promise to keep a positive attitude before I’d even made it to the bus stop.

So far, so good. I’ve gotten several compliments on my dress. I was in the kitchen slicing up a banana for my yogurt when my friend came in to have his breakfast. We were chatting and he asked me if I’d like some of the strawberries he was putting in his yogurt. Would I?! You’d think he asked me if I wanted free tickets to the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Not to go all power of positive thinking on you, but I’m kind of sold. This sure beats last Tuesday when I got stuck on the train next to the family who smelled like they just came from a dip in the neighborhood landfill.

I'm not saying I'll become an optimist overnight...but I'm working on it


Mallory said…
Passing the sunshine award to you!
brigidmc12 said…
Thanks, girl! This made my day = )
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