Birthday Photo Dump

Today marks the 27th birthday of someone pretty important to me. And I’m not talking about Kevin Spacey. I mean, Kevin Spacey is pretty important to me, but he’s not turning 27. At least I don’t think so.

I mean this guy!

My friend. My roommate. My former colleague. And my current main squeeze.

Speaking of important people, who knew he shared his birthday w/ such big wigs? Like Ari Gold Jeremy Piven. And Taylor Momsen.

In honor of B, I thought some photos through the years seemed in order. And might make up for the fact that I didn’t spring for the Coldplay tickets. Who wants to see a show on a Monday night anyway? #bitter

And by through the years I mean the last two years. Since we’ve been going steady.

I know there are heads chopped off and screwy margins. I had to whip this up during lunch and didn’t have time for all the bells and whistles. But I couldn't forget this little gem.

Happy Birthday, BB!


Michele said…
adorable! happy birthday!
Brigid said…
aw, thanks! I'm making sure he has a great one = D