Hitting the Big Time, Folks

It only took me five months. But I’m finally big-time. If staying in on a Friday night and tooling around with your blog makes you big-time. Then I’m definitely there.

If you’ll kindly scroll down the sideline, you’ll note my brand-spankin new button. That I made ALL BY MYSELF.

Correction: that I made w/ a tiny amount of help from B.

Okay, okay, if I’m being completely honest: that I worked on for about five minutes before throwing my laptap at B and begging him to fix it while hovering over his shoulder eating Peanut Butter Snickers and barking orders.

Minor details, my friends.

The fact is, I’m practically on par w/ all the fab blogs I read now. I'm always reading these great blogs and seeing these adorable buttons and I’m like, damn, I’ve got to get me one of those. The thing is, though...I’m not very artsty. Or crafty. Or cute in any way. So attempting to create a button like the all the ones I’m obsessing over seemed like a sham. And if I can’t be 100% real on my blog, what’s the point?

The end result: a slightly awkward button.

Which is fine w/ me, b/c I’m very slightly awkward. And an awkward blogger lends itself to an awkward blog. I don’t post outfits of the day. Or makeup reviews. Or DIY tutorials on the shabby-to-chic dresser I snagged at a flea market and revamped into some vintage pièce de résistance. And I’m okay with that (but please; keep doing your wardrobe and makeup and craft posts b/c I need something to aspire to).

In case you’re curious as to what exactly is going on in the picture I’ve selected, I can’t really help you out; I don’t know what’s going on either. Apparently I’ve never seen an elephant statue so close before. What I do know is that we were at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence on a frigid February day and I’ve never had so much fun being outside in the cold all afternoon (except for sledding).

So go ahead and grab it. I’ll You’ll be glad you did.


Sarah said…
You needed a button that said "I'm not overly clever with the graphics, but I love animals, am slightly awkward and have something witty to say. Blog world, I've arrived."