Round Here

Ugh, I’m the worst. I haven’t been able to read any of my favorite blogs in about two weeks, let alone find the time to write any quality content. In an effort to not abandon this place completely, today’s a photo dump. Not the usual blog-style; I don’t take nearly enough selfies or drink pics for that. Just a few low quality pictures to show that I’m still alive and kicking over here; ya know, since so many people are lost w/out my constant babbling (obviously I’m talking about you guys, Sarah and Maureen, since Beth has been staying w/ us the last two week. And since Sarah’s been abroad the last two weeks, my following has really taken a hit).

No. Words.

Just my BB w/ the cutest little peanut. The best natured, too (could have had something to do w/ that pacifier in his mouth, just thinking out loud here). Seriously though, Brent and kids don't mix. You can give the happiest, gurgliest baby to Brent and they'll immediately start wailing. This little guy didn't bat a gorgeous blue eye. Brent was clearly the most surprised of all.

Fall is my favorite season and everything, but it's still always hard to say good bye to the summer. So these lingering 90+ days? Are fine by me. All the better to sweat walk all over the city. 

So. Much. Schoolwork. I don't remember college being this hard the first time around. Even w/ all the Barton's and Keystone. I'm getting too old for this shiz. Poor Binxy sure was pooped.

I had some pumpkin left over after my fudge-cupcake-w/-pumpkin-cream-cheese-frosting disaster on Sunday, so I reluctantly got back on the saddle and tried a different take; mini pumpkin muffins. Sally, you've been scratching me right where I itch. 

That about sums it up; I'd like to say I'll have some interesting content soon, but I can't promise anything. Unless you want to read about the scintillating topic of imperial-to-metric conversion. Even then, I can't promise anything will be accurate. I never was too hot in the mathematics.


Michele said…
I'm still here!!! I just cant comment when I read you on my phone.