So, That Happened

I ate fish tacos for the first time ever. The consensus? That I’m an idiot for waiting 26 years to try them. 

I’m officially a student again. Bookbag, textbooks, chronic back pain; the whole shebang. 

This girl? Is in culinary school. Yup, the same girl who not even a year ago was complaining about anything involving more work than a PBJ or cheese and crackers. Come to think of it, I’m still pretty lazy in my own kitchen.

dino nuggets, anyone?

My friend was visiting from Cali and we learned that the best time to hit up the Bull and Finch aka Cheers is apparently 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon. No tourists, no problem. 

Getting drunk the night before school starts will do wonders for your nerves, especially the whole “I’m going to be the oldest kid in class” thing. 

Getting drunk the night before school starts will not help you the morning classes start when you’re sleep deprived and dehydrated and now looking the part of the oldest kid in class.

I bought the required chef’s ensemble and wore it proudly on my first day in the kitchen (where we promptly sat around the dining room and discussed the syllabus for five hours). The next day I walk into class and am the only one not wearing the standard-issue uniform. I figured a few other kids will straggle in, also in jeans. Guess who was the only dumbass sans neckerchief? 

I actually won at Monopoly! That hasn’t happened since the first game we played. For once, Binxy actually was my good luck charm. Or maybe he was just Brent's downfall. Either way, I'll take the W.