Sometime Around Midnight

I had a realization this weekend. As much as I’d like to think I’m a spry young thing of 25 21, I’m not. In less than a month I’ll be gasp 27. Ancient, I know. And I just can’t hang like I used to.

Take, for instance, concerts. I used to love ‘em. Front row or nosebleed seats, it made no difference to me (it made no difference b/c I never sat in the front row). Just being there was enough for me. But Saturday proved once and for all my festival days are over.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a 2-day music festival sprouted up in the middle of our city. We didn't have much planned that weekend; just low-key things like my half-marathon, a friends’ wedding, and my whole family coming to visit. Looking back, I don't know how we missed it.

Boston Calling came back this weekend, and this time, we weren’t going to miss it. Brent got our tickets months ago, and we were stoked to see Airborne Toxic Event, Gaslight Anthem, and Vampire Weekend, among others. Bands started playing at noon, but we didn’t head over until around 3, since we didn’t know anything about the earliest bands. We got there and immediately headed to one of the two beer gardens. Where we immediately found out that the alcohol was provided by the worst brewing company ever. Really Anheuser-Busch, you missed out on a gold mine. Next year, you need to be there; I don’t think I can choke down another made-up hipster beer.

Airborne was awesome. We’ve seen them before know they don’t disappoint. People were throwing around beach balls and balloons and I screamed at Brent how I wanted a balloon (note: I had to scream b/c we were in the middle of the crowd, not b/c I was so upset I didn’t have a balloon). Literally seconds later, some people walked by offering balloons. Then I screamed how I wanted a billion dollars; still waiting on that one to appear. 

After Airborne, we went to a bar to get some non-fair food and good beer. By good beer I mean Bud Light, which was infinitely better than whatever the festival was serving. A few rounds of beer and nachos later, I’m pretty excited to head back even though I don’t know any a lot of Gaslight Anthem; I’m really just pumped for Vampire Weekend and the handful of songs I will know.

And then it happened. The sun goes down and all the crazies come out. Day drinking is innocent and carefree. Evening drinking, while more socially acceptable, is also more likely to piss me off. Especially after I’ve had a few myself. I might be a little more forgiving w/ all the spillover from your cup onto my legs, but after half your cup is emptied you better check yourself. Seriously, what’s the point of having your open solo cup in the middle of the crowd? You look so cool while you slosh beer all over your neighbors and scream the wrong lyrics at the top of your lungs.

So yes, the curmudgeony “kids today” role will now be played by yours truly. No one is more surprised by this development than me.