'Doodle Bop

It absolutely sucks not having time to blog anymore. I miss my little cobwebbed corner something fierce. What better way to get back into it with a whopping birthday/recipe/photo dump post? No time like a fall Sunday when the TV blares football all day and it’s raining out so I’m pretty much trapped the present, I always say. 

On Wednesday I came home from class and a package was sitting in our lobby. Lo and behold, it was for me. When a Williams-Sonoma package arrives for you, you don’t ask questions. Except I had a few questions. Crap, what the hell did I order? Was it another drunk online shopping disaster? At least it’s not more Groupon shit

Turns out my bestie decided to send a little birthday love my way. Isn’t she the freaking best?!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I immediately had to test these babies out on some cupcakes. And then toast myself, wearing the new bracelet my BB got for me. I didn’t even help him out on this one (have hope ladies, they can be trained taught).

It’s not like me to feature more pictures than words, but I’m currently in a pumpkin snickerdoodle coma. Brent’s parents were here for the Patriots game and I proceeded to try about three new recipes. It was meant to be a grazing, smorgasbord type day, but it was more like a hearty app followed by a heavy meal followed by an even heavier entrĂ©e. All wrapped up w/ banana cream pie and pumpkin ‘doodles, b/c you can’t have a birthday celebration w/out banana cream pie. I used this ‘doodle recipe, substituting butterscotch chips for the cinnamon ones (you’re welcome).

I’m become quite good friends w/ canned pumpkin this season. I’m one ‘doodle away from a nice orange glow. Which is exactly the look I’m going for this time of year. A fake orange tan in the summer is too obvious. A fake orange tan in the fall? Brilliant.