Never again will I roll my eyes at the overreacting mom's on Facebook who update every. single. second. of their kid's latest ailment. I'm finally in that territory myself, friends. Poor Binxy has been sick the past few days, and boy, does that really do a number on you. Just call me mama bear. The craziness? The irrationality? The need to blame everyone else for what's wrong w/ my baby? Check, check, check.

I mean, it's definitely the vet's vault. We took the little guy in for his rabies vaccine/annual checkup on Saturday. My little guy killed it, wooing everyone in the place.

What a cute little face!
He's just so playful!
I wish all my patients were like this! 

What can I say? Brent and I are just amazing parents, is all. We're pretty well-tempered when we visit the doc, so you can be sure Binxy is the same way. And his cute factor? He get it from his mama. 

After taking it like a champ, we thought Binx deserved a reward. We offered him some cat treats, but he opted for the beer. He gets that from his mama, too. 

Everything's peachy until Sunday morning when he woke up w/ a raging hangover night when sneezing fit after sneezing fit keeps him awake. I usually love when Binx sneezes. It's so far and few between, and it's cuter than a potbelly pig in a tutu. But when it's sneeze after sneeze after sneeze it's not quite so adorable. It's actually pretty frightening. 

I called the vet and demanded to know why they don't clean their facilities better b/c some snot-nosed Persian obviously got my little guy sick and it's all their fault. I could hear how ridiculous I sounded but there was nothing I could do to stop it. Is this what it's like to be a mom? Fear and anxiety all the time? That doesn't sound like the most rewarding job in the world; it sounds pretty awful.

Binx's energy levels seemed back to normal this morning, if the constant meowing and the pacing back and forth while waiting for breakfast are any indication. Hopefully he's on the mend; Halloween weekend is no joke around here, and it happens to coincide with his sixth birthday. Ain't nobody got time for sneezing when there's costumes and cake.  

In no way did I intend to demean any mama bear's. Now that I'm officially one myself, I know we've all got to stick together. It's a scary world out there. 


I LOVE that his name is Binx! Hocus Pocus time.
Stephanie said…
Aww poor Binxy! It's ok, I flip out if something it going on with Hawkeye. When dogs get sick, they can get a little bump of fluid buildup on their snout. I saw it once called out of work and made her homemade chicken and veggie soup.
Totally normal.
I hope Binx feels better soon!
Brigid said…
@Ashley: aw, thanks! Totally stole that from the best holiday movie ever.

@Stephanie: luckily Binx doesn't like chicken soup...or so I tell myself while I'm secretly cooing over how adorable his sneezes are.