Shirking Off

The worst part of being back in school is that I forgot how much I dislike other people. Namely the morons I have class with. Of course not everyone is useless; some of them make a bomb muffin or cookie that I can get down with. Some of them are pretty knowledgeable about helping the newbs like myself around the kitchen. But some of these kids? Just suck. Look dude, no one wants to clean that damn kitchen at the end of the night. But it’s got to get done. So pitch the eff in so we can get out of here sooner.

These kids think they’re soooo slick. And to be honest, the chef usually doesn’t notice. Not like I do, at least. I would make a great teacher b/c nothing gets by me. I’d fail all their lazy-asses and have a good laugh about it. 

Here’s my list of the worst offenders. If you do this shit at school or at work, FYI: everyone hates you.

The guy who always takes the easy route: grabbing clean stuff out of the dishwasher to put away, or grabbing the broom b/c sweeping is foolproof, this guy will never actually wash dishes or mop the floor; most likely he puts stuff back in the wrong spot or doesn’t even sweep up his piles of debris into the trash. Jackass.

The guy who always has some long, drawn-out (read: stupid) question for the chef: I see right through you. You think you’re scoring brownie points b/c you’re pretending to pick the chef’s brain? We all know you’re avoiding work. Stop asking follow-up questions b/c you damn sure aren’t going to be trying these scones at home this weekend. Douche.

The guy who always has to use the restroom come clean-up time: this one I actually have to put the blame on the chef; tell the guy no, for God’s sake. Is it really a coincidence how he’s fine all night, hardly any liquid intake, and when it’s time to start cleaning up, he beelines for the restrooms and is conveniently gone until it’s time to go home? No, no it’s not. 

The guy who grabs a side towel and goes over every surface that’s already been cleaned b/c it sure beats doing any real work.

Okay, rant over. Not b/c the list is finished, but b/c Chipotle and their Halloween boo-rito are calling my name. Followed by the candy aisle at Rite-Aid. I sure do love this holiday.

And since it's a major offense to not have a picture w/ your post, especially on Halloween, when all you have to do is find an old one in the archives, I give you that: an old-ass Halloween picture from the archives. Oh hey, #TBT.

waiting in the lobby was so sophomore year; as was wearing a miniskirt in October in upstate New York. 
remember, Halloween is the one night you cant' be judged; live it up, girlfrand.


Whit said…
bahaha I hate about half of the people i work with and I have found a twin (in my mind) for all of your classmates currently employed in my office. Sometimes ranting on the internet feels good :)
Brigid said…
ugh, why do these people even exist? ranting on the internet is the only way to cope ; )