No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts

What’s the consensus about dressing up post-Halloween weekend? I feel like it’s old news November 1st, but that’s just me. Which is why we had our little Halloween shindig this past weekend. Binx was still under the weather, but I think he was mostly feeling glum Brent wouldn’t let him dress up. I wandered the iParty aisles for a good 10 minutes (which at 2pm the Saturday before Halloween is the equivalent of spending all afternoon in hell) but B kept shooting down my ideas. A whistle around his neck; look, he’s a ref! A spiked collar; is that Binxy or Billy Idol? A little piece of lace w/ a sword attached was practically in the bag until Brent was all, Brig, that’s a garter and I was like, so, he’ll be Captain Cat Sparrow and Brent was like, are we about done here?

I had all these intricate ideas in my head about how amaze our spread was going to be. Things started to veer off course when I busted out the cupcake stencils I’ve been saving and realized that my measly cupcakes weren’t going to be any match for these honking outlines. 

No way those giant stencils decorated those mini cakes

What does Williams Sonoma think, I’m hosting a Sasquatch convention? I didn’t think there was anything wrong w/ my muffin tins, but I’ll be damned if they don’t now have a complex about how bigger is better and they don’t quite measure up. 

Creative I am not, so I just stole a design the cupcakes at my bakery have been sporting. Muahhaha (that’s a mummy laugh, in case you were wondering).

Speaking of creativity, Pinterest didn’t disappoint. I don’t know who thinks this shit up, but I was having a blast bringing it to life on Saturday. If having a blast means cutting up olives into nine hundo pieces and crushing a whole package of Oreos sans food processor. 

I’m not even being sarcastic here, it was really a blast. Beth was here to help and Brent was here to play video games for moral support and the afternoon just flew. I was worried I wouldn’t be ready in time for our guests until I remembered that my costume didn’t’ require me to shower or wear makeup or build up my liquid courage to squeeze into some age-inappropriate little number. But we finished in plenty of time, even enough for me to shower, which I know Brent was excited about. 

Our costumes weren’t perfect, but they were cheap and easy and I got to wear a hoodie and ponytail, so it was a win all around.

Guessed our costumes yet? Hint: I'm gonna wreck it! Not me, but the stinkbrain to my left. Doesn't he know bad guys don't get medals?


Stephanie said…
omg everything is so stinkin cute, I love it all. Except Binxy without a costume, stop hating the fun Brent. No one likes a fun hater. Cats totally love costumes...
Brigid said…
Brent was totally being a fun hater. Hawkeye in her costume is proof every pet needs a go-to get-up.