A Post Almost Entirely About Cake

On Saturday B and I headed up to New Hampshire for our engagement party, part deux. When his mom suggested we have another party mainly for the family and close friends that couldn't make the first one, well, who was I to argue? More cake and cards and basking about how great a catch I am? Twist my arm, why dontcha. 

I made Steph’s trusty car bomb cupcakes for the occasion and I think some people might have actually got bombed off them. Maybe b/c I told B to “eyeball” the amount of Jame-O he poured in the ganache which turned into well over two shots. Unfortunate, really, b/c now he’ll just use this as an excuse to never set foot in the kitchen again – even though everyone loved the cakes.

Speaking of cake, there was no shortage of desserts. His mom really knows the way to her future daughter-in-laws heart, which is a really easy route paved w/ chocolate and alcohol. And her deviled eggs, which are the bees knees and even had little faux diamond rings in them. Insert picture of them here, except not really, b/c I’m the worst. 

I did manage to snag a few pics of B and I looking sharp in our coordinating outfits (hashtag barf except I really think it’s cute).

The real winner was our liquor cabinet, which is now filled w/ about ten bottles of the high-end stuff that we would never buy ourselves. If B's mom doesn't mind hosting these shindigs, I say keep em' coming.


Stephanie said…
You're right, hashtag barf but it's also pretty cute. I love your face in the middle photo, he's smiling you're just like 'CAKE!' And he looks like he's holding you back from smashing your face in it. Best photo yet.
You can never have too much Jame-o. Glad they were a success!
Brigid said…
My barely contained excitement over food, cake in particular, is nothing new, so he's pretty primed in holding me back, haha. Your cupcakes were such a hit ; )