Things I Wonder

Is Ace even a real brewing company?

My friend and I had it at a bar last weekend and I’ve since been able to find it nowhere. No bars have even heard of it. I’m satisfied w/ my old standbys, but Bud Light has nothing on this. I don’t even drink hard cider but I’ve fallen hard for this one. Ace, come back to me!

Will these cookies really get you a boyfriend? 

I wanted to make something for Brent last week when it was “one year ‘til we officially become old tie the knot!” so I typed “cookies to make for my boyfriend” in Pinterest and these “boyfriend cookies” came up. I modified the recipe and used white chocolate chips, M&M’s and cut up Reeses’ cups, since that was what I had on hand in the cupboards. To answer my question above, yes, these cookies will absolutely get you a boyfriend. Brent ate them all for dinner so I had to drink all the beer. Fairs fair.

Can I pull of a mustache, or what?

I mean, really, is this not the definition of chic? Some Fireball promoters were at the bar giving away free shit, so of course my friend and I had to do a shot. I mean, a free mustache, free shirts and free fireballs?! Beware: a fireball in your beer isn’t everything you’re building it up in your mind to be. And it turns your beer a questionable shade of kool-aid. 

Is it possible I have a cheese addiction?

Macaroni and cheese and four-cheese pizza for lunch, devoured in one sitting. I was sharing w/ my sister, for crying out loud. And it’s not like it’s a problem; I can stop whenever I want. I just don’t foresee myself ever wanting to stop. 

Was Binx trying to get back on our good side after drinking out of the sink for the entire week?

If so, that was totally the way to go, buddy. Brent and I were watching TV, casually holding hands, when this tiny paw reaches over and rests on top. I'm a sucker for tiny paws. 


Stephanie said…
Ace is common here in Chicago! I get it a lot and see it all the time. It's real!
Love the mustaches. And now I really want pizza...
Ahh cheese addiction. I'm convinced cheese is laced with MSG :-)
Courtney B said…
I want to dive into that place of cookies. If it doesn't get you a boyfriend, it'll definitely get you a new blog friend :) ha ha!
And that mac n cheese... YUM!
Can you tell that I really love food?
Brigid said…
@Steph: do you just love it? I thought it was amazing!

@Ashley: I'd like to think there's something addicting in there so I don't feel like such a fatass when I finish a whole pie!

@Courtney: go make them, they are seriously delicious! thanks for stopping by = )