It's A Thanksgiving Miracle

Happy Thanksgiving guys. I sure am thankful to have a job, and having had to work at 7am this morning. Actually, I'm fortunate enough to have two jobs; lucky me gets to work at 5am tomorrow #bakeryprobz

Okay, enough w/ the pity party. It's not like I missed Thanksgiving dinner or anything. It's not like halfway to New Hampshire my car started going wonkier than that dude camped out in front of Best Buy for the past week. I'm thankful all the mechanics are home enjoying their turkey and stuffing so I can spend the next day agonizing about what's wrong w/ Eleanor (my car). Super thankful that tomorrows not a big day for people to take off from work and be out on the roads, I'd really hate having to deal w/ something like that.

Okay, okay, enough wallowing for real this time. B/c Brent's parents are currently on their way to our place w/ ALL THE LEFTOVERS. Turkey. Stuffing. Pumpkin pie. Mashed potatoes. Stuffing. Pecan pie. Buttered rolls. Did I mention the muthafuggin stuffing?! It might just be my favorite holiday food, at least right up there w/ green been casserole and eggnog and Christmas cookies and all the other foods b/c who can pick a favorite out of all that deliciousness. 

Speaking of deliciousness:

Just my first homemade pie, no biggie. Apple, what else? (I mean I prefer banana cream or pumpkin, but I aim to please).