My Must Reads for the Year

Nothing gets my blood pumping quite like a well-timed, spot-on Buzzfeed post (except maybe one filled w/ snark and sarcasm and a bunch of Mean Girl gifs). Especially when they seem tailored directly for me. Case in point:

I’m always looking for a good book to indulge in. But it’s hard out there for a pimp book aficionado like myself. Lots of times I can’t get into a book someone recommends. I think I’m the only girl in the world not sipping on the Divergent kool-aid at the moment. So I thought to myself, self, should I give it another shot? Even though the first one seemed cheesy and trite and a not so subtle attempt at riding on the coattails of the Hunger Games? Then I remembered how much I hated myself for reading the 50 Shades trilogy that everyone and their mom pushed on me. Utter trash (and I don’t mean the content; I enjoy a well written smut book as much as the next girl. I’m talking about the writing. W/ the lip biting and inner goddess and OMG I need to stop talking about it before I get all worked up). Needless to say, I won’t be giving the Divergent trilogy another shot anytime soon. 

On a better note, seeing this list today made me happier than a camel on Wednesdays (HUMP daaaaaaaaaaaay). The ones I have read got me so pumped to see how’ll they’ll be transformed on the big screen. The ones I haven’t read got me scrambling for the library faster than it takes the wind to reach right through that tiny gap between your scarf and your coat and freeze you as soon as you step outside today.

Can I just say how excited I am for Gone Girl?! I wrote about my love for this shocking read awhile back after I read it. I still stand behind my reasoning that Jensen Ackles would make a good Nick…but I’m in no way mad about the guy they got. You might have heard of him: Ben Affleck. If you haven’t read the book (or heard of Ben Affleck), stop trying to go against the grain and do it already. And if you’re looking for a good Ben Affleck movie to start w/, I’d suggest Jersey Girl

The Fault In Our Stars is going to be huge. I mean, I’m a 27-year-old who hears about it in her old, laundry filled life. I can’t imagine what the word on the street is in the YA scene, who the book was actually written for. 2014 is going to be a big year for Shailene Woodley. First Divergent, then this. Dare I say, the next JLaw?

I literally squealed w/ excitement when I saw Wild on there. I read that book off a suggestion from a fellow blogger (who of course I’m forgetting, but if you posted on this book, thanks a million!) and I might just have to admit it’s one of my favorite books. Like, ever. You know what does it for me? When a book/show/movie/article on a topic I’m pretty indifferent to pulls me in, gives me one hell of a ride and leaves me eager for more. Cheryl Strayed did exactly that. I know a little bit about camping. I like REI. But the Pacific Crest Trail? Not so much. Isn't that an area in Asia or something? So after falling in love w/ this book that I never really head much buzz about and then seeing my girl Reese in the picture, well, my Grinch heart about grew three sizes today.


Stephanie said…
I want to read more, but maybe I'll just come here and live vicariously through you...
Yeewuz said…
Maybe it’s because I always project myself on the male characters I read but I feel like Ben Affleck is too old to play the main guy in Gone Girl.

And to follow up on your Affleck recommendation, I’m throwing out Daredevil. It’s historically significant… he met his WIFE on set. Also, RIP Michael Clarke Duncan.
Brigid said…
@Steph: I'm such a geek, I just LOVE books. Remember "A Nation of Wimps" is calling your name!

@BB: Ben Affleck is too old for nothing, bite your tongue. good call on Daredevil, who could forget that masterpiece?