Officially Hangry

Why the hell did I agree to do Whole30? Who gives up mac n' cheese and pizza and cupcakes and beer voluntarily? No sane person. I'm certainly not feeling sane at the moment, so I guess I'm the ideal candidate. Nearly two weeks in and I'm hanging by a thread. Shouldn't it be easier by now? I've read my cravings would be dunzo after the first week, so how come all I can think about are cupcakes frosted w/ Reese's peanut butter cups and dunked in butterscotch? 

It doesn't help that Hershey's up and decided to release a Nutrageous campaign to kick off the new year. Nutrageous just happens to be my candy of choice for the past oh, five to ten years (preferably king sized, the normal one just tastes different). No one else seems to like this candy bar, so there's always plenty for me on the shelves at 7/11. Except now Hershey's is all, 2014 seems like a great time to increase sales for Nutrageous, let's release a new ad campaign that plays continuously in the Boston area. Assholes.

 king size box of Nutrageous from Brent for Valentine's Day a few years ago. sorry it's blurry, I must have been shaking from pure excitement. 

Instead of being excited about a weekend full of drinks and beers and Taco Bell, I'm looking forward to it about as much as I am to my next gyno appointment. Speaking of vaginas, I think that's why this week has sucked so much. My normal period cravings are intensified by about a jillion. And I've reached a new low; talking gynos and periods on my blog. Ew.

On a brighter note, I did just have a banging lunch. I can't have more leftovers guys, I just can't. All week my lunch has been leftovers, and as much as I love a good easy meal, I'm all leftovered out. I threw some kale, mushrooms, carrots, zucinni and yellow squash in a pan, drizzled it w/ olive oil and gave a hefty shake of red pepper flakes and rosemarry. Baked that sucker at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes and bam! Heaven in a roasting pan. 

So if you're looking for one hell of a weekend, abandoning cupcakes and beers and cheese sure seems like the fast lane to that. Speaking from experience and everything.