Spaghetti Squashing the Voice in My Head that Says "You Can't"

I’ve been having an internal debate all day. 

Me: First day of Whole30 seems like pretty good blog material, Brig.

Me: No way! You didn’t start this blog to track your “weight loss journey.” Which isn’t even a journey. No voyage at all, actually. 

Me: Come on! It’s about food. People love food. 

Me: Not yours. When was the last time you posted a quality picture of your food on here? 

Me: Pictures aren’t the point. Content is. And this is a great topic, something people can really get interested in.

Me: Absolutely not. You don’t need a reason to feel even worse about yourself when you give up in 3 days.

Me: I really need blog material. I win.

Me: Maybe familiarize yourself w/ Blogger and how to retract a post, just sayin'.

And so here we are. My first day on Whole30. Screw convention and all its January 1st resolutions; I like to give myself a little buffer zone b/c I know nothing productive ever happens on January 1st. So now, six days later, when all the junk food in the house has been consumed by me and me alone eliminated I can really give 100% to this thing. 

What’s the Whole30, you’re wondering? (if you’re not, just humor me. Which you have done by reading this far, so thanks, I appreciate it) I’m probably not equipped to give a comprehensive explanation, so you can read more about it here. Basically, it’s a system reset. Not a cleanse or a detox, that’s over in 3 days and you’ve accomplished nothing but maybe some lost water weight (she says bitterly), but an attempt to change the way you feel by changing what you eat.

By some stroke of luck, Brent even agreed to do it w/ me (maybe it was b/c I asked him over drinks), which will make it so much easier. I mean, misery loves company.

Our first dinner? Spaghetti squash casserole. 

why yes, I did plan the red onions matching perfectly w/ my trivet 

Two thumbs way up. From me at least, who’s currently picking at it while waiting for Brent to get home. I knew I’d like it but I didn’t know how much I’d like it. I think adding red pepper flakes really sealed the deal. Here’s the recipe. I followed it pretty much, I just omitted the egg and added red pepper flakes. Shit, I hope that’s an approved seasoning. Too late now, I guess.