PJ's Inside Out, Please and Thank You

Boston’s allegedly getting hammered w/ 6-10 inches of snow tonight. Well, technically tomorrow, at like 4am. I’m rooting for the meteorologists to be right for a change so I can have myself a good ol’ fashioned snow day. 

Snow day as a kid: woo hoo! Bust out the hot chocolate and marshmallows and sleds!

Snow day as a grown-up: fuck yeah! Bust out the hot chocolate and Bailey’s and queu up HBOgo!

It would be even more of a win b/c we’re supposed to start dinner service tomorrow and judging from our last few “practice runs” it’s going to be a clusterfuck. So a week long reprieve would be well received. 

I’ve been on a pinning binge all afternoon w/ all the sweets and treats I want to make tomorrow. All involving the pink lemonade and orange creamsicle cake mixes I found rattling around the back of my cupboards last week when Brent and I were looking for a better spot to store our wine (don't you love it when that happens).

But what I’m reeeeeally excited about is just going nuts in the kitchen. As someone pretty new to the whole cooking-your-own-food scene, I’ve stuck w/ the tried and true: reading my recipes ahead of time, making sure I have the exact ingredients, and following the recipe like it’s the leader. I’m more comfortable w/ going off the trail a little bit w/ savory recipes, but sweets pose more of a problem. Since baking is literally science and I don’t want my oven becoming the fourth-grade volcano experiment. Read: blowing up in my face.

No, I don’t think cake mixes are going to make me concoctions worthy of Food Network fame and glory. But they’ll provide enough of a foundation to give me the leeway and confidence to mix things up a little bit. And at $1 a mix at my new favorite place, Aldi’s, they won’t break the bank.

They proved their worth this weekend for these SuperBowl cupcakes. Guess the Seahawks weren't the only winners that night.


Stephanie said…
Snow day in college was getting drunk and stealing dinner trays from the dorm food hall and using them to sled down the giant hill and try not to go straight into the river. All kinds of good decisions being made there.
Your super bowl cupcakes are adorable and I want one!
Brigid said…
our campus was flat as shit and I'm so jealous of those dining hall tray sledding stories. we did build some kick ass snow forts though, so my college experience wasn't a total loss.