Get Lucky

Daft Punk style. 

In the spirit of the luckiest holiday ever, I decided to dedicate a post to the lucky things in my life currently. Hashtag blessed.

-Lucky that the start of restaurant week coincided with the start of spring break. I need a week to get my bearings w/ the shitshow that restaurant week brings, so no class to contend with is a nice reprieve. Next week though? Different story. Question: why is it called restaurant week when it’s actually two weeks? Also, Dine Out Boston isn’t fooling anyone, we all know it’s restaurant week.

-Lucky that after the crazy shitstorm that was last night’s service, I have the most adorable fianc√© who leaves me notes like this. 

The surprise was his favorite pretzel hug and M&M combo, swapping the M’s for peanuts (I may or may not have polished off the M&M’s the day after he bought them). 

-Lucky that I didn’t wake up to a raging hangover today like everyone else in Boston who went balls to the walls for parade day yesterday. I only had one beer, weak, I know. Today though? Which is actually St. Patrick’s Day? No work and no class make Brig a very sloppy happy girl.

-Lucky that my sister is just as excited about today as I am and worked a few hours over the weekend so she can get out early today and we can begin our festivities before all the working stiffs invade the bars at 5:01pm. Might even get ourselves a seat at the bar (fingers crossed)!

-Lucky that my favorite working stiff aka my BB will be meeting us at the bar. I don't think we've got drunk together enjoyed an adult beverage together since our Oscar party. Just hope I'm lucky enough to remember that playing around with hot griddles and knives when you're drinking is a recipe for disaster.