In The Industry

There’s been a severe lack of babbling round these parts lately. Partly due to the fact that I recently started a new job and after class all morning and work all night the last thing on my mind when I get home is sitting down to blog it out. The weekends are out too, between work and being the only real time I get w/ Brent. He would probably prefer I spend some time on the computer by myself, but much to his chagrin, there I am, in his face while he’s trying to get in some boy time w/ Binx.

Binx's first cocktail. 

I’m beyond ready for spring break next week (I feel like a weirdo saying spring break, btw). Especially since the week kicks off on St. Patrick’s Day. Coincidence? A Boston school unintentionally giving students this day off? I don’t think so. I’m just glad they’re cool w/ us being out of class and out of control. That’s my plan, anyway. That, and the car bomb cupcakes Steph graced us w/ last year. I might even try to make 'em from scratch (won't hold my breath on that though, the easy cheater route will probably taste the same to a drunk person...and will give me more time to become that drunk person. Win win).  

It will be nice to have a week to do nothing; oh right, except work. I can’t complain about my new job though, I’m actually loving it. I finally got a job “in the industry,” guys. Look at me, using cool phrases like, “in the industry.” I’m clearly not cool enough or qualified to work there. Hopefully they won’t realize that. 

Brent and I have been in a frenzy to get our registry and wedding website set up so when we send the save-the-dates there’s more information on the site than ridiculous pictures of us (and our “how we met” story, which my sister thinks is a little tacky. I think people will be glad to visit a site w/ some humor instead of the other snoozefests all these knot websites are about). 

In other news you don’t care about wedding updates, I’ve also gone ahead and made our cake already. Eight months out isn’t too soon, right?

I know what you’re thinking; there's no way that cake is big enough to feed me, let alone all our guests. Don't worry, I'll be adding a tier each month until the big day's here. An eight tiered cake will probably get me some buzz in the industry. 


Stephanie said…
You will love the cupcakes. And the cheater route is just so easy :) Damn, did you make all those flowers?! Your skills are improving!!
Brigid said…
car bomb cupcakes pretty much guarantee a happy st. patty's day! sure did make those flowers...ya know, only took me 3 hours this time...