Sorry to Brag, Ladies

he's a keeper 

Today is a little different; I’d like to do something I never do. If you’ve been a regular reader of this little space, you know all about Brent. Sarcastic, witty, quick w/ a comment only if it’s to poke fun at me, Brent. Normally I’m right there w/ him, matching his digs blow for blow. Some couples show their love w/ compliments and adoration; we prefer to insult each other like a group of middle school boys. 

This weekend, though -yesterday in particular- Brenty really upped his game. For starters, he went w/ me to the supermarket, which is always a nice treat. 

For brunch, I’d found a carrot apple bread I really wanted to try. The only problem w/ this plan was that I didn’t have a box grater, which kind of puts a damper on the whole shredded carrot and apple agenda. After trying to stuff the carrots through the Veggetti (yes, there's really a product w/ that name, and yes when I bought it at Kohl's they PA'd over the whole store to ask somebody about where the Veggetti was and I was dying) which works fine on zucchini (and probably only on zucchini), I started whining to Brent about what a flop this was. 

Me: I really need a box grater.
Brent: Don’t you have one?
Me: No…..don’t you want to run out and get me one?
Brent: Can I get it at Ace Hardware?
Me: A hardware store? 
Brent: Well, what the hell is a box grater?

After calling the hardware store and confirming they do, in fact, sell box graters, Brent raced off in the rain so I could continue on w/ my carrot apple loaf (found here). Worth the trip, we both agreed.

After brunch I wandered into the bedroom and saw the bed was made. This would have been absolutely fantastic, but I had mentioned to Brent how I wanted to wash our sheets and I was convinced he made the bed in an attempt to get me to forget so I wouldn’t bug him to help me put fresh sheets on. I was about to start in on the whining again when I noticed the glimpse of color under the duvet wasn’t the red we’d had for the last few weeks. I lifted the duvet and saw fresh sheets; he’d even gone into our wedding registry stockpile and found a brand new set. If that doesn't get your cold, shriveled, long-term relationship heart beating faster, nothing will. 

Three cheers for B, the man behind the blog. Behind every great blogger…well, you know the saying.


Yeewuz said…
This Brent character sounds like my kind of guy. #thatphotoisweird
Anonymous said…
The kind of guy who would even try to rent a car w a set of shower curtain rings
Sarah said…
What a nice guy!

I noticed you said that the sheet color had been the same for the last few weeks. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with aspirations of washing my sheets every week but who really only washes them once a month.

I can't handle the name Veggetti. If Kohl's used the PA, did you give them the name Bridey McFaartsalot?