Spring Cleaning and Pocket Piggies

While doing some long overdue spring cleaning this morning, I stumbled on an envelope from an old employer. Old, like, a few months ago, not old, like, my first job ever at McDonald’s (but I still have some stuff from McDonald’s b/c that grease smell never comes out and I just love to have those shirts hanging around my closet). 

I was going to just trash the envelope b/c that place was one of the worst places I’ve ever worked (and I’ve worked at a LOT of places) ( hashtag hustler), but I opened it just to confirm it was nothing consequential. Inside was a paystub attached to an actual live check. My direct deposit was never set up (b/c HR was garbage) and they must have mailed me my last check and I must have shoved it in the ever growing pile of paperwork I keep on the bottom shelf of my makeshift filing cabinet, b/c that’s just how boss I am at adulting. 

Five minutes earlier Brent and I were all, let’s try to eat out less this weekend, we’re great during the week, but the weekend just slays us, so yeah, let’s just keep it at home today. I found that check and we were like the folks in that commercial after saving a lot of money on their car insurance/hotel room/grocery bill w/ the club music playing and the slow motion strut. 

So that’s the kind of Saturday I’m having, and to be honest, I kind of deserve it after the week I had. It wasn’t a bad week, really, it was just off...and hella long. I think it had a lot to do w/ that Tuesday Boozeday Brent decided was a good idea. What can I say, getting drunk on Tuesday just doesn’t break up the week like it used to. I was sluggish from that for the rest of the week, not touching the blog once and barely meeting my self-imposed running quota. 

It even stretched to last night’s dinner w/ friends; instead of my normal five drinks w/ dinner, I stopped drinking after the charcuterie. I mean, I pounded four beers in the first hour, but after that, nothing but water. I was sober as a skunk for the rest of the night, which I don’t think my friend has witnessed, possibly since high school. It was actually really nice to remember all our conversations this morning (which were still wildly inappropriate despite the sobriety) and be able to get up bright and early for a run instead of having a raging headache and heading straight to BK for some croissantwiches.

I don’t know how the rest of the weekend can compete w/ the last 12 hours, but I’ll give it a shot; a 75 degree Saturday is a great place to start. And just so your weekend can be as good as mine, I’ll leave you w/ this.