Guess I got kind of behind on my blogging/running goals for the week. It may not look like much, but I’ve been able to average nearly a post a week since my goal; that’s really all I want, some (fairly) regular content. The blogging may be far and few between, but the running is on par w/ someone actually training for a race. I’ve been getting out there 3-4 times a week; last week, I even went in the rain. I know, right, I’m legit.

This week has been a completely different story. The restaurant opens this week and last week we did all the friends and family nights. Last week was consistently 11,12,13 hour days. Last week….was exhausting. When I made it home each night, I could barely convince myself to shower, let alone go for a run before the shower. Hopefully things will get more regular soon, but if not, I’ve got to man up and get out there regardless. Race day is coming up in July, and those miles aren’t going to log themselves.

I’m trying to convince myself that getting up at 5am for a morning run is a good idea. I mean, I know it’s a good idea; beat the heat and ensure that I get my run in for the day. My brain knows this, yes, but at 5am? Convincing that brain to get up? Logic doesn’t beat a comfortable bed. At least it’s not winter, so I’m not leaving a warm bed for freezing temps and dark streets; if I can start w/ one this week, I’ll consider that a win.

Man, is this a great Memorial Day weekend post, or what? Forget the drinking and BBQing and poolside snapchats that you’re seeing everywhere else; the nitty gritty minutia of a (wannabe) runner is much more exciting. But just b/c I’m such a people pleaser, I’ll leave you w/ some shots of our trip to Plymouth. Besides that one from up top, which has FB profile pic written all over it. Obligatory overeating and drinking during a holiday weekend commence.

steak n' cheese stuffed pretzel; the best of Philly combined, and let me tell you, it was friggin deLISH