You're Not Missing Anything Over Here

When I initially read about the Cincinnati Zoo incident, I had no idea it would explode into the huge thing that it has. Like, can’t scroll any social media w/out someone thinking they’re a gorilla/child/zoo expert. I don’t really want to get into it, b/c if you know anything about me and my general distaste for other humans and my love for furry beings, you know what side I’m on. And can I just say to the haters who are all, OMG IT’S A HUMAN BEING, WHY IS THIS EVEN A CONVERSATION? You know what? There are billions of humans on earth, literally. Gorillas? Not so many. Largely in fact to horrible selfish humans. Humans aren’t the center of the universe, contrary to what we all seem to think.

I’m stepping off my soapbox now. Where I’m headed exactly…not really sure? I guess I didn’t have an actual post in mind, I just felt like pulling up Word and seeing what happened. Do other people blog onto a Word doc first or just directly into Blogger/WordPress? I’m too much of a worrier, if I start typing into Blogger directly, who knows what will happen. What if it publishes before I proofread? What if it doesn’t save and my computer shuts off? What if I’m wasting minutes of my life my typing in Word and then copying over to Blogger? These are the big questions I’ve never really considered, folks.

Tuesdays are weird, right? I know I’ve talked about this before, and I’d usually insert a link here about my past Tuesday rantings, but who has the energy. Today was somehow both crazy hectic and slow motion meandering at the same time. Probably something to do w/ it being a short week; those three day weekends are tricky like that, you think you’re in for a breezy week and then it ends up feeling ten times longer. I didn’t even have a three day weekend, so I don’t know what today’s deal was, but hopefully it was a Tuesday-only thing.

Today was pretty hot, but the rest of the forecast for the week looks milder, so hopefully I can get one of those early morning runs in that I’m trying to hold myself to. If not, we’ll just see a few more posts like this around here; not really much of anything, but it’s helping me meet my blogging quota. If there’s one thing I can do well, it’s set a vague, meaningless goal and then knock  it out of the park. 

Tomorrow is the first day of June; is this a joke? 2016 is almost halfway over? Savor these moments, it will be cold and snowy again in the blink of an eye. New England, am I right? Just kidding, I think the whole northeast/country/world can relate to that. If there's one thing that really grinds my gears it's seeing a general weather statement w/ someone prefacing/ending it w/ "only in insert town/state here!" We get it, you live in that particular town/state. You don't have a monopoly on weird weather shit; that's just the weather.


Stephanie said…
How on earth it's already June, I don't even know. I can't handle it.
UGH the gorilla, I won't even read that shit. It's wrong, they're wrong, I will always pick the animal over the human. I'm a vegetarian for god's sake, I don't think anyone would expect otherwise from me
Stephanie said…
I just unfollowed 3 bloggers on twitter for making snarky comments about the justice for the gorilla hashtag, how 'omg you never lost track of a kid how noble of you' bitch BYE.
Brigid said…
The whole situation is wrong, and I can't read one more comment from some self righteous mother on how its a child's life and of course down w/ the gorilla and blah blah blah.

How did I not know you were a vegetarian?!