"Fall"-ing Behind in Blogging

(To think, I almost missed that play on words in the title until I was proofreading for the zillionth time)

Welp, looks like I missed days 3 and 4 of my self-proclaimed “September to Remember.” I guess if I'm being honest here, it’s currently day 4 and I could still do that post, but “Fall Must Haves” just seem a little too complicated right now, three beers in, no go-to must haves actually in mind.

If I was whole-heartedly doing a fall must-have list, it would include some kind of adorable light jacket and bootie, neither of which I have even the slightest thing in mind to Google and get a stock image for. Apparently I’m not actually a blogger or a real girl. Must have fall lipstick and eye shadow colors? Please, do you know whose blog you’re reading? You’ll sooner get the must haves on a seasonal menu change at Taco Bell Chipotle than anything beauty related. 

Keeping that in mind, w/out the trendy seasonal latte or a particular nail polish shade to lust after, fall is still making me swoon in impatience at this lingering humidity in hopes of shorter days and longer sweaters. I don’t necessarily love the days getting cut short, but I’ll take a 6pm sunset in exchange for a mosquito free evening and a reason to break out the hoodies that have been growing musty in my dresser drawers.

college Brig was nailing it; a cornmaze and a giant bag of kettle corn are always on my fall must haves