Failed 30 in 30

Holy shit, September 30th, where did you come from? One minute I’m up on my blogging game, actually keeping up w/ a few posts, and the next it’s the end of the month and my September to Remember is essentially kind of forgotten. That’s the way the cookie cake crumbles, I suppose.

There were a few posts I intended on writing in my faux challenge; I know you were all looking forward to some great DIY and home tour posts, so I apologize 100 percent for that dropped ball. September wasn’t anything crazy busy or all that different from the last few months, but I’ll tell you what: the last few months have all fuh-lown by. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was meeting up w/ my sisters in Philly? And running the Boilermaker? It must be true what they say, the older you get, the faster it all goes by. They say that, or some variation of that, I’m sure I’ve heard it. I’ve heard it or I’m making it up and claiming it’s a thing, either or.

The post idea for 9/30 was one of those 30 in 30 lists that all the cool bloggers seem to have. Since I’m not a cool blogger, I couldn’t get my shit together for such a thing. If I did have a bucket list of things to do before I turned 30, it would probably include such radical notions such as “wash my hair on a regular weekly schedule” or “train Binx to jump through a hula-hoop while carrying Snuffleupagus on his back” or “branch out from hot dogs/grilled cheese/dino nuggets for nightly dinners.” I know these things seem really daunting, which is why I’ve yet to attempt any of them, and why they’ll probably stay on my bucket list for another 30 years.

I would like to give a huge heart-eyed emoji face to my BB, who played along w/ my challenge and who I hope was inspired by all this to start blogging again on the reg. On the reg can mean anything from once a week to once a month, as I consider myself an “on the reg” kind of blogger and these posts are sporadic at best, so don’t be too intimated, B.

Another September in the books, another fall off to a lovely start. So what if it’s the last one in my 20’s? I’ll be 30 in a few days and I can’t wait to ring it in w/ my favorite people. Helped by heavy beer consumption, no doubt.