High Hopes for Hoodie Season

I’m sitting here in sweats and a zip-up. A zip-up, guys! Granted it’s a short sleeve zip-up and the fan is on b/c I’m actually a little warm in all these clothes, but the fact remains: it’s a hoodie. I’m wearing a hoodie. That can only mean one thing: it’s hoodie season! 

Sure, it might be a little early to call it, since today was overcast and rainy and they’re predicting temps back in the 80’s and (gulp) 90’s later in the week. But I think we can all agree that summers’ end is in sight and fall is just around the corner. It’s sad though, right? As fantastic as fall is, saying goodbye to summer is always a little depressing. Let’s skip the melancholy and launch right into what’s so great about the upcoming season, shall we?

If I had to write a fall bucket list, which I won’t b/c lists like that tend to leave me sad and unfulfilled when I inevitably don’t get to half the items on the list, and they’re all clichéd anyway, like “sip mulled cider while wearing a blanket scarf and Northface and stand in the only spot in the pumpkin patch devoid of kids to pose for that perfect Instagram shot.” Hmm, that does sound pretty great though, I might have to add it to my list.

And that totally rambling, run-on sentence paragraph above didn’t actually say anything, so I’ll commence w/ the list now:

-Drink nothing but Shipyard from here until Thanksgiving. Preferably w/ a cinnamon sugar rim.

-Make a butt-ton of apple chips, enough to last at least through a Sunday afternoon of crappy Netflix binging for me and my sister while Brent fiddles w/ the AM station on the clock radio, trying to get the Patriots game

-Wear nothing but hoodies when I’m not working and/or sleeping. Switch it up to the Northface for when those crisp fall days become actually chilly. Dig out my trusty old Uggs for the complete look. Not included in this edition of the white girl uniform: seasonal Starbucks cup b/c this white girl isn’t that basic.

-Speaking of basic, I’ll definitely need at least one photo shoot in an orchard and one Wegman’s run just to gaze in awe at all the varieties of pumpkin beer they have. The Wegman’s trip is just another ploy to stock up on Shipyard b/c while all that beer sounds delish, fact of the matter is, they’re a bit too crafty for me; I prefer cinnamon and sugar to the actual taste of pumpkin.

Looks like a good time to end the post, seeing as these four items are actually pretty attainable and I'm plumb out of generic fall pictures. May your own fall bucket list be just as lazy magical as mine. 


Stephanie said…
I'm going to drink every pumpkin beer I can get my hands on. I don't even like them that much, but that is very much besides the point.
Brigid said…
Enjoyment is not the point! It's fall and that means pumpkin errrrthing. I like your style = D