Blogging Challenge Accepted

Apparently Brent didn’t get the memo that my September blog challenge (see yesterday’s post) was a total joke. According to him, a promise is a promise, no matter how small, so this vow to blog every day in September is serious as Tay-Tay insisting she didn’t get a boob job. Is she even insisting this, or is she just avoiding the topic while everyone speculates? 

Imagine my surprise when Brent (who started a blog, got me into blogging, then deserted his blog for years) posted a summer recap. A summer recap! The first day post idea! He even used the hashtag I created, which in hindsight, should have been a lot funnier #regrets 

I would be lazy and just post a bunch of pictures from the summer, but looking through my phone makes me realize I don’t take all that many pictures (and the few I did take likely made it on the blog already for the scant posts I actually wrote). Sometimes I think there’s something wrong w/ me, like I’m not really of this generation. I don’t use my phone all that much compared to, say, oh, everyone else in the first world. 

W/out a photo album of our summer, here’s the gist: a bunch of trips, including Plymouth, Philly, Newburyport, Syracuse and Block Island. Brent turned 31, and since I really outdid myself last year w/ the surprise party and ordering 10 pizzas for 12 people, this one was much more low key. We tried a lot of new restaurants in the area, some really great and some really awful. Speaking of restaurants, my new job is going swimmingly, and I had my first dessert posted on a restaurants’ Instagram (see above, great and thanks). I managed to see my family a few times, get addicted to books on tape audiobooks and buy and hang a bunch of new art around the house (which of course means I did the buying and Brent did the hanging).

I was just scrolling through my pictures to find something great to end w/ and I realized I forgot the most important part of the summer. When two of my sisters were visiting, we went for ice cream as is required when two or more of us are together, and we decided to go to this place w/ goats and cows and chickens, which I knew my one sister would appreciate. Turns out, it’s an Amish run place and they aren’t open on Sundays, but that didn’t stop us from strolling through to see the animals (or from getting ice cream elsewhere). We passed the chickens and were en route to see the goats when Brent grabbed my arm and said, “Brig, is that what I think it is?” He pointed ahead at a little wooden structure w/….wait for it….pigs! A father and son pair, as I like to think, as the big one was a little gruff w/ the little guy. Sadly, none of the pig pics I took were blog worthy, but rest assured we'll be back to try for some better ones; nothing says "hello, fall!" like creeping on some new pig neighbors. 

Looking back, it was a pretty great few months. And let’s be honest, it’s still technically summer for another month, as evidenced by the gross humidity that makes working in a kitchen this time of year a real treat.


Stephanie said…
hahaha Brent!! You're my hero. I can't believe he did that. Love it :) I hope he writes every day.