Goal Getter

How is it already June? And where’s this beach body the treadmill promised me? To be fair, the second half of my treadmill regimen is parking it on the couch w/ a plate full of potatoes (usually mashed or fried) so I guess my summer body won’t be emerging until I can get that under wraps. Part of what brings me here today.

I’m in a funk, bloglandia. Since blogging is a real way to effect change, I figured I’d just log into blogger, tap away at my keyboard and -presto change-o- problem solved. No better way to get out of a rut than to blog yourself out, that’s what I always say. 

Also, I might have to cool it w/ the potato-laden snacks. 

The start of a brand new month seems like the right time to implement the goals I’ve been struggling with, so I hereby pronounce June the Goal Getter; I’m going to admit my goals out loud in hopes that it encourages me reach them, instead of continuing this slovenly path I’ve been on.

Let me preface this by saying that these are laughably basic “goals” that most adults do w/out even trying; my hope is that seeing them written out will be embarrassing enough to motivate me. Here goes:

1. Work out five times a week. I don’t know how I was ever able to go to the gym before/during/after work, and a run or two on the weekends, but that used to be the norm. Where did I go wrong? My whole drive home from work now is me convincing myself not to work out, and I can be quite convincing. 

2. Eat less junk. Some days my diet puts the two ton man to shame (I don’t know if this is really a guy, but I figured a catchy phrase like that probably has a show on TLC). I can’t seem to find balance; my days range from eating quasi-healthy to the total opposite end of the spectrum where I’m binging on new Netflix releases and ALL THE FOOD IN THE HOUSE. 

3. Cook dinner four nights a week. This one really makes me cringe, since I cook for a living. Brent and I eat out entirely too much. We always say we’re going to cut back, and sometimes we actually do, but this issue is inherently a lifestyle change. I need to plan more recipes and prep more food so this becomes routine instead of the cashier at Qdoba knowing our order. 

4. Post one recipe a week. I started this blog back when cooking was still new to me, partly to vent about it, and partly to share my experiences as a novice chef. Mostly I plan our meals off of Pinterest where I’m following the recipes pretty much to the letter, but I’d like to play around more, like I did w/ the blueberry muffins last week. I love being in my kitchen and I’m desperate to get back in my groove (as opposed to just leaving groove marks on my couch #burn) 

Everyone knows goals have the best success rate when they start on Mondays, so I’ve got a nice weekend in front of me to ignore every single one of these.


On a positive note, these killjoys goals are bound to make the month go by slowly, so at least I’ve got a nice long June to look forward to.


Stephanie said…
I'm looking forward to your weekly recipes!
Brigid said…
aww, thanks! this gives me some more motivation, since it's only Monday and I'm debating between making dinner or Taco Bell #thestruggleisreal