Short Hair, Don't Care

Notice anything different around here? 

Why yes, I did just post a picture from March. We were headed to a big, beautiful event; a wedding, in case you couldn't tell by our outfits. Also, my hair is chopped off, in case you couldn't tell that from the picture, either. 

When I first got it cut, some people who I saw pretty regularly didn’t even notice. My hair was up 99.9% of the time so I guess they just assumed it was short? After the initial cut, I was at the six-week mark and going back to the salon soon for a cut and a coworker said to me, wow, your hair is getting so long. That’s the kind of transition it’s been. 

At the end of last year, things weren’t going so hot in our lives. My little love Binx was deteriorating rapidly, and I was desperate for a change that I could control. I had been toying w/ the idea of short hair for ages. Every time I went in for a haircut, I would tell myself this is it! And then I would chicken out and mumble how I just needed a trim, thanks. But I think that was for the best, b/c I was always getting it cut at SuperCuts. There’s nothing wrong w/ SuperCuts, but I figured if I was going to do something drastic, I needed a better salon. You get what you pay for, and I didn’t want to look like a $20 haircut. Some people can pull that off beautifully, but I don’t have one of those heads.

I went for a consultation w/ a “master stylist” at a salon I’ve gone for waxings and pedicures and is always friendly and professional. I think “master stylist” is just a term they came up w/ to be able to charge you way more for the services, and they saw me coming a mile away. But I liked his honestly and he liked the fact that he was going to be able to do such a big change; he said so many people who sat in his chair wanted to go short, then always chickened out at the last second (hmm, I don’t know anything about that).

I loved my cut immediately and have no regrets. People have asked me if I miss my longer hair and if I’ll be growing it out again and my answers are nope and nope. Not in the foreseeable future. 

My hair and I didn’t really get along. I don’t want to dislike it, since it’s the only hair I’ve got, but we were always feuding. I’ve never had gorgeous, flowing locks. I’ve never had a braid as thick as rope. I’ve never had height and volume and a mane any woman would envy. My hair is thin and fine and doesn’t hold a curl or blow dry or style or anything w/out a shit ton of product. I realized I should be working w/ what I have instead of teasing and crimping and shoving into a sock bun on the reg.

Now my hair and I are doing a lot better. It still likes to mess w/ me and stick straight up in the air every morning, and I can never quite get the volume I leave the salon w/ but I’m working on it. Headbands and funky clips are my new favorite things. I never thought I’d be wearing a bow as a 30 year old woman, but sometimes you just gotta do what feels right.