Cheap Thrills

Okay guys, I have a secret. I’ve been struggling w/ it for some time now, but a song from Rent just played on my iTunes and I was all no day but today. So I’ve gotta confess…

But first, a quick question: does everyone and their mom get Target gift cards mailed to them on the reg, or what? B/c I’ve never seen more people drinking the Tar-jay kool-aid than in blogland. I get it; it’s a great store. You can get like, food AND toilet paper AND slippers AND throw pillows. Suh-weet. But the amount of posts I see mentioning Target as a store of choice and how every freakin’ giveaway offers at least one Target gift card has me thinking….is everyone in on some deal w/ Target that I’m missing out on? I like Spiderman free shit, too, okay?

So I’m just gonna come out w/ it: Target is swell and all, but what really gets my heart aflutter? A trip to Family Dollar. Those shelves know what’s up. Food AND toilet paper AND slippers AND throw pillows all at half the price of Target? That’s what I’m talking about.

I hadn’t been in a while, but I really needed some Clorox wipes and toilet bowl cleaner and didn’t want to shell out $$$. You know, only the minimum number of $. Good ol’ Family Dollar. I found a giant can of Clorox wipes and a jumbo bottle of toilet bowl cleaner. Then I found this and my day went from good to great.

I had just been thinking on the walk over how I needed a neon glove for all my cleaning needs. You guys: it absorbs 8 times its own weight in water. I can’t wait to dust / mop up spills / finally have something to clean the mirrors w/ that won’t leave more streaks than Christina Aguilera’s hair in “Dirrty.” 

I even picked up some nail polish (b/c what trip is complete w/out a little splurge on yourself; usually it’s in the form of candy, so this was at least a healthier purchase). My grand total: $8.21 #winning

Not to mention Family Dollar's “As Seen on TV” aisle is top notch. Nothing gets me more excited than junk that’s going to make me look like a total asshat.


Yeewuz said…
I like Spiderman

I got Matsui!
Anonymous said…
You forgot to mention they sell pot pie. And curtain rods.
Brigid said…
mmm, it's a treat for the stomach and the house!